word table text is too long but not line breaks

wps text has not been line breaks beyond the page

Right-click in the cell – select the Set Cell Format command.


Or the shortcut Ctrl+1 to bring up the set command directly.


Then click on Align – Auto Line Breaks, and then click OK and you’re done.


This time the setup is complete, the extra part is automatically replaced by the next line.

WPS, for example, the form of typing to the next line can press the Enter key on the keyboard, you can also press the down key on the keyboard, you can also use the mouse to click on the next line!

word inside the form, enter text in the cell, when entering a certain number of words will automatically line feed, how to set up in order to do not line feed, but also

Click the word form of the upper-left corner of the two-way cross arrow to select the form,

Right-click on the —— Form Properties —– Options —– Check for automatic line feed “-“. —- OK —– OK can be.

If you don’t want to use the automatic line feed, remove the check mark.

Format-Font-Character Spacing, Tighten, so you can achieve.

word form text is too long to display incomplete

Text in the cell display incomplete, two ways to get it all done!

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Work will often need to enter some longer content in the cell, as a title, or to illustrate. The following three are often the case:

1. The text is left-aligned, and when there is no content on the right side, the longer text will be displayed, and it will look like it is superimposed in the right cell.

If you continue to add content in the right cell, the last few words of the content of this cell will be hidden.

2. Text center alignment, when the left and right side of the cell are no content, the text will be fully displayed, it appears to be superimposed on the left and right side of the cell.

Then, if the left or right side to fill in the content, then this part of the content will also be hidden.

3. The third situation is the remaining right-aligned, the same situation and left-aligned, is a change in direction. When the left side of the cell without content, it will be fully displayed, like a superimposed on the left side of the cell. When the left cell is filled with content, it is hidden.

Now the goal is to have the text show up completely inside the cell, and there are two ways to do this.

1. Increase the column width, this is the most basic as well as the simplest way. Increase the width of the column, the text will be able to fully display the cell, and there will be no superimposed on the left and right side of the cell to display the situation.

2. Reduce the font fill function. This function can be completely displayed in a cell text.

Steps are as follows:

* Select the target cell, use the shortcut key Ctrl + 1, to bring up the “Set Cell Format” window.

*Select Align.

* in the “Text Control” column inside the selected “reduce font fill”, click “OK” to save.

This time you will find that the text is a little narrower, but can be fully displayed in the cell.

When the content of the text is very long, you can also use with the two functions together, increase the line breaks, change the line higher way, so that the content can be in the cell in an appropriate way to show out.