wps font installation failed

wps fonts say unavailable on current device

wps fonts say unavailable on current device reason, it is the wrong way to install fonts, the font folder to open should be amenable to light.

1, first open the control panel, in the control panel to find the font folder and open.

2, open the font folder, select the font copy, and then in the system font folder window, right-click in the blank space, in the shortcut menu, select Paste.

3, if the system folder windows open fonts folder fonts, fonts folder into an ordinary folder, paste the fonts in it, fonts are not installed.

wps why can not change the font

wps can not change the font, the reason: may be the document has a protection function, may also be the current document is read-only mode.

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wps fonts deleted from the computer after re-import can not

WPS import their own failure, most likely because you do not have a member, and then chose to import is a member to be able to use the fonts, in this case can only be recharged to become a member, to be able to import the success.

wps fonts to add not in

As long as the font is installed in the system C:\Windows\font folder, the application software can be called. WPS is installed in the disk does not matter, there is such a phenomenon, one may be a system problem, and the second is the problem of the WPS software.