Xiaoxin air15 laptop

What is the configuration of Lenovo Xiaoxin air 152022 models?

Lenovo Xiaoxin air15 configuration is as follows:

Screen size: 15.6-inch 1920×1080 (8 models).

Laptop weight: 1.95Kg (3 models) 1.69Kg (5 models).

CPU model: Intel Core i58250U (2 models), Intel Core i58265U (2 models), Intel Core i78550U (1 model), Intel Core i78565U (3 models).

CPU Frequency: 1.6GHz (4 models), 1.8GHz (4 models).

Memory capacity: 8GB (8GB x 1) DDR42400MHz (8 models).

Hard disk capacity: 256GBSSD SSD (4 models), 512GBSSD SSD (3 models), 1TBSSD SSD (1 model).

Video chip: NVIDIAGeforceMX150 (7 models), NVIDIAGeforceMX250 (1 model).

Lenovo Xiaoxin air152022 model configuration analysis

1, the screen: the Lenovo Xiaoxin air152022 model adopts a resolution of 1920 * 1080, a high color gamut of 100% sRGB, 16:10 screen ratio, and support DC dimming, the screen does not flicker, and there is a filtering of blue light, which is good for eye It’s a great way to protect your eyes.

2, hardware configuration: Lenovo Xiaoxin air152022 models equipped with the latest Intel Core 12 generation of i51240p and i71260p processor, in terms of performance is still relatively strong performance, memory for 16GB DDR4, hard disk 512GB high-speed SSD, and its graphics card for the Sharp Torch xe core display.

How many inches is the Lenovo Xiaoxin air15

The Lenovo Xiaoxin air15 is 15.0 inches, and the other parameters are as follows:

Memory capacity: 16GB.

Processor: inteli5.

Solid State Drive: 1TB.

Bluetooth version: bluetooth 5.0-5.1.

CPU model. : i5-1155G7.

Integrated CPU graphics: Intel integrated graphics.

Screen resolution: 1920×1080.

Lenovo Xiaoxin air15 Pros

The laptop details are very well done, very light and thin suitable for out of office carry. Metallic texture, the bottom of the cooling holes do a very powerful, do not have to worry about the problem of heat and hot, high color gamut screen look very comfortable. The boot speed is very fast about 10 seconds, the experience is very good.

The appearance of the high quality, deliberately used for a long time before the review, this period of time to withstand the test, every day, high intensity computing, but still running silky smooth without lag. Coupled with the beautiful appearance, the slim bezel is actually a 15-inch screen, simply learning to work.

Reference: Baidu Encyclopedia – Lenovo Xiaoxin Air15

How to upgrade win11 on Lenovo Xiaoxin air15

The Lenovo Xiaoxin air15 is a very good office commercial laptop, which is a model launched by Lenovo in 2018 with an 8th generation Intel processor and 8GB RAM. Therefore, this laptop is capable of meeting win11 upgrade requirements, we just need to set up the bios first.

Lenovo Xiaoxinair15 how to upgrade win11:

1, first of all, we have to make sure that their bios settings are correct, boot use “F1” to enter the bois settings.

2, and then use the keyboard arrow keys to enter the “Security”

3, in which to find “AMDPlatformSecurityProcessor”, if it is If it is “Disabled”, then change it to “Enabled”

4, if it is already enabled then you don’t need to change it, “F10”. to save, and restart the computer into the system.

5, back to the system, as long as you enter the settings, in turn, into the “Update and Security” – “windows preview experience program”

6, join the preview experience program, in which to select the “Dev” or “Beta” channel.

7. Finally, just go back to “windows update”, you can automatically upgrade win11.

How to install win10 system on Lenovo Xiaoxin Air15 | Lenovo Xiaoxin Air15 reinstall win10 system tutorial with u disk

What are the steps to install win10 system on Lenovo Xiaoxin Air15? Lenovo Xiaoxin Air15 is a 15.6-inch, pre-installed Windows 10, thin and light laptop weighing 1.69Kg, 359mm in length and 245mm in width. The processor is Intel Core i78 generation series, CPU frequency 1.8GHz, four cores/eight threads, memory capacity 8GB (8GB x 1) DDR42400MHz, hard disk is SSD solid state drive, 512GB. equipped with NVIDIAGeforceMX150 performance-class discrete graphics card, memory capacity 2GBGDDR5. this side of Xiaoxin Air15 with you to share the Lenovo Xiaoxin Air15 reinstall win10 system with u disk graphic steps.

One, the preparations

1, 8G or larger capacity empty U disk

2, making pe boot disk: micro pe toolkit how to make a u disk boot disk (UEFILegacy dual mode)

3, win10 system download: Lenovo laptop ghostwin1064-bit official version of the official version of v2019.06<

Two, Lenovo Xiaoxin Air15 reinstall win10 system steps are as follows

1, after making a good U disk boot disk, win1064 bit system iso image directly copied to the U disk;

2, in the Lenovo Xiaoxin Air15 laptop inserted into the U disk startup disk, reboot and keep pressing the F12 startup shortcut, if you can bring up the startup Menu dialog box, look at step 4, select the recognized U disk option, usually the USBHDD option, select and then press enter. If there is no response, then in the shutdown state, press the power button next to the Novo key recovery key;

3, after the startup NovoButtonMenu menu, press the ↓ arrow key to select BootMenu, press enter;

4, bring up the startup menu selection box, select the USB flash drive recognized items, generally USBHDD items, if there is an efi item, select the efi USB flash drive!

5, into the pe, double-click on the desktop [partition assistant (lossless)], select disk 1, click [fast partition], to choose the right, do not accidentally delete;

6, to the Lenovo Xiaoxin Air15 laptop set the number of partitions, partition size, and partition type, the volume labeled [System] system disk is recommended! 60G or more, due to the choice of UEFI boot, the disk type to choose GPT, must correspond to confirm that there is no error click to start execution;

7, partitioning is complete, the GPT partition will have two no disk symbols of the ESP and MSR, these two partitions do not move. Then open this computer – micro PE toolbox, right-click on the win10 system iso image, select [load], if there is no load option, right-click – open the way – Explorer;

8, double-click [double-click to install the system.exe], run the installation tool. Select [Restore Partition], GHOWIMISO image path will be automatically extracted to win10.gho, then select the installation location, generally C disk, or according to the volume label or the total size to judge, after the selection, click OK;

9, if this prompt pops up, don’t worry about it, click yes, continue;

10, this dialog box pops up, select the completion of the Reboot as well as boot repair, click Yes;

11, go to this interface, the execution of win10 system installation and deployment to the C disk process, you need to wait for a period of time;

12, after the operation is complete, 10 seconds will automatically reboot the Lenovo Xiaoxin Air15 laptop. The restart process to pull out the USB flash drive, and then enter this interface to perform win10 system component installation, driver installation and activation operations;

13, and finally boot into the win10 desktop, Lenovo Xiaoxin Air15 laptop reinstallation of win10 system process is complete.

The steps to reinstall win10 system on Lenovo Xiaoxin Air15 laptop are like this, if you still don’t know how to reinstall win10, you can refer to the above steps to reinstall win10 system.