15 Numbers Pushpin Game Mnemonic

Do any of the gods know how to figure out Hwa Yung Do? How to crack this one?

Cracking method: 13 right, 15 right, 14 right, 9 down, 10.11.12 left, 13 up, 14.15 right 11 down, 12 left 13 left, 15 up, 14 right, 13 down, 12 right, 11 up, 13.14 left, 15 down, 10.11.12 right, 9 up, 1314.15 left.

Number puzzles (n-puzzle) are intellectual games, common types include fifteen-number puzzles and eight-number puzzles. There are also n-puzzle games that use pictures instead of numbers. The player moves the squares on the board so that all the squares are in the order of the numbers…. Make all the squares go in the order of the numbers.

Huarongdao was invented by the Chinese, and the final solution was computerized by Americans. But the design principle of Huarongdao has not been clarified until now. Initially, it is seen in a board consisting of twenty squares, with one group of four small squares (Cao Cao), five groups of two small squares (Five Tiger Generals), and four groups of one small square (Four Pawns). But Guan Yu is a horizontal two small squares, the other four generals are vertical two small squares, so that if Cao Cao is four, the four generals and Guan Yu can not be collectively referred to as two, 1 * 2 * 4: 20 relationship can not be established.

What are the rules of the game “Fifteen and Twenty” played by others? How do you play it? What other games are there like “15 and 20”? How do you play it?

Fifteen and twenty is a very popular game from ancient times to the present day. The rules of the game is very simple, two people at the same time relative to reach out fingers (both hands can be out of the number of 0, 5, 10), the mouth reported a number (i.e., two people out of the fist number of numbers and 0, 5, 10, 15, 20), and the two sides to reach out the number of fingers of the same number of winners, the loser of the penalty drink, two people are shouting in the continuation.

1 to 15 digital Huarong Road skills are what?

1 to 15 numbers Huarong Road skills are as follows:

1, first click on the opening, then we can the lower right corner will have a space as a mobile gap, according to the rules of the game, we need to start from the upper left corner of the 1 start arranging the square through the cycle of the square we can quickly arrange the 1-3.

2, and then we need to move the 4 to the position of the 5, then There is no way to reset 4 without moving 3. So, we first move 1, so that 1-3 to maintain a continuous situation, and then we will be able to put 4, 5-8 can be done in the same way.

3, followed by the third line because the number of numbers moved four less, so the difficulty of this line is not high. Overall the last line of the difficulty is relatively high, we need to move 13-15 to become the position of the figure below, and then move the direction in accordance with the arrow, in a short while will be able to give all the blocks to be categorized as, the level can be successfully passed.


Digital Hualong Road has three times three, four times four, five times five, and so on three difficulties, three times three is 1 to 8, four times four is even 1 to 14, five times five 1 to 24, the difficulty of the different numbers increases. Each grid has a corresponding number.

If you encounter a more difficult disk, the first 1-4 return to the position, return to the position also need and the next row of the (2, 1) (2, 2) (2, 3) position of the number swap. The last row of numbers in the penultimate row of numbers do not change position, in numerical order can be arranged.

When ordering the positions in each specific row, be aware that the numbers in each position can only jump above the positions that are an even number apart. Divide the whole disk into 4443 subdisks, and calculate where to go next by adjusting the (x.y) coordinate positions.