Alipay Life Application

Alipay Life how to open Alipay to create Life

1, first open the [Alipay Life platform]. Login to confirm the ownership of Life No. (i.e., as the owner of this Alipay account).

2. After clicking “Confirm Authorization”, if you don’t have an Alipay account with real-name authentication, you will be prompted that you can’t “authorize this Alipay account”.

3, real-name authentication through, you can enter the life of the number of information to fill out the page, you can set the life of the number of names (10 characters or less), avatar and personal home page cover picture, life of the number of profiles, the operator’s introduction (only for audit purposes, not open to the public), the invitation code and so on.

4. After submission, Life will complete the entry audit within 5 working days. After the audit, you can enter the life number editorial background, fill in the truth can be.

How to open the enterprise Alipay Life

Specific steps include:

1, fill in the enterprise information.

2, upload relevant documents.

3, set the name and function of the life number.

4, submit for review and so on. After passing the audit, you can publish enterprise information, promote products and services, and receive customer inquiries in Life Number. The opening of the enterprise Alipay Life No. can improve the brand awareness of the enterprise and the efficiency of customer interaction, is an effective marketing and service means.

How to apply for an Alipay account Alipay how to open

Alipay account is is a cell phone number, download and register Alipay after opening.

Now the mobile data era, go out rarely or even basically do not bring cash, Alipay and other apps have become the modern people online or offline shopping, it is convenient and fast, to reduce the people to bring cash out of the house as well as shopping to find the trouble of change, and at the same time to prevent the receipt of counterfeit money, can be said to be a double win.

The steps to open Alipay are as follows:

First, download the Alipay app on your cell phone.

Second, after downloading Alipay, open Alipay, enter the Alipay registration home page, enter your cell phone number to register, and then set up the login password and the payment password, here Alipay registration has been successful half.

Third, after registering an Alipay account, select “My” in the lower right corner of the home page.

Fourth, in the “my” interface in the upper right corner of the choice to set a small logo.

Fifth, after entering the settings interface, select “Account and Security”.

Sixth, in the “identity information” in the prompts to enter the real name information for real-name authentication.

According to the above steps, after the completion of the operation, binding the bank card in my name, basically completed the Alipay account application and complete the registration. Alipay is very powerful, you can use Alipay to solve the problems of life, food, housing, transportation, etc. The next time you log in to Alipay, enter your cell phone number and login password to log in to use Alipay for online and offline shopping, as well as other things such as phone bill charging, credit card repayment, life payment, purchase of bus tickets, air tickets, bus tickets and other operations.

Alipay life number to create what conditions are required?

1. To be consistent with the merchant Alipay account, and must be certified by the real name, not certified to be certified according to the prompts.

2. To fill in the instructions to fill in the detailed and accurate upload business license and contact information.

3. Configure the basic information of life, name and profile to meet the company’s business scope.

4. Fill in the detailed account qualification information to go, such as the operating company, to have the operating authorization.