Can’t log in with username and password

Bank of China personal Internet banking login prompt user name or password is invalid how to do?

What if China Construction Bank forgets its login password?

China Construction Bank forgot the login password can be recharged through the outlets or cell phone banking, the specific analysis is as follows:

1, business outlets: with ID card to the construction bank business outlets, find the counter staff to reset the login password.

2, mobile banking: when logging on to online banking or personal banking, do not use the login password, directly through the security tools as well as cell phone verification code login.

Related users can directly call the CCB customer service phone number 95533, and then transferred to manual service to consult the specific method.

Construction Bank of China forgets the login password how to do

Construction Bank of China bank card forgets the login password don’t rush to go to the branch counters, you can first follow the following methods to retrieve the password:

1, the use of the old cell phone has been tied to cell phone banking, click on cell phone banking logon page below the “Forget Password “


2, according to the prompts to enter the name, identification number, account, account password, cell phone number, SMS verification code and other information, and through the face authentication to try to reset.

Note: If you are unsuccessful in resetting your login password using mobile banking, you can try to reset it through online banking. 

Reset China Construction Bank card password in online banking

1. Click “Forgot Password”

2. Enter your name, ID number, bank account, cell phone number and other information to reset your online banking login password according to the prompts.

3. After the reset is successful, try to log in to Mobile Banking with your new Internet Banking login password.

Go to the counter to reset your China Construction Bank card password

If you can’t complete either of the above two methods, it may be because:

1. Your mobile device is not bundled with mobile banking;

2. Your mobile banking and Internet banking username and password are not integrated.

It is recommended to replace the old cell phone operation with one that has been bound to mobile banking, or the head of the household himself or herself with a valid ID, the savings account and cell phone that opened the mobile banking to go to any branch of China Construction Bank to do it directly. 

How do I change my password on my China Construction Bank card?

China Construction Bank to change the login password tutorial:

1, download the China Construction Bank mobile banking, and then click to log in, enter the login password, and then did not modify the set login password, then the password is the bank of the bank card, enter the identification number, the reserved information and the login password, and then click on the bottom of the “login! “

3, next, in the settings and then find the security center, and then click on the symbol behind the security center, and then enter;

4, in the security center, find modify the login password, click to modify the login password to enter;

5, next, in the modify the login password page, enter the original password, the new password and determine the new password, and then also need to enter the verification code, the verification code will be sent to your cell phone, the premise of your bound cell phone number is your cell phone number, otherwise you still need to go to the bank to modify the completion of the click on the OK;

6, the next, you will see the change password successful prompt, click the bottom of the return on it;

7, when you enter the construction bank again mobile banking, you need to enter a new login password to be able to, if you enter or the old login password, 3 consecutive wrong, your mobile banking will be locked can not log in, and then want to log in, you can only go to the bank to reset.

How to deal with “Invalid User Name or Login Password” when logging in to BOC Personal Internet Banking?

How to deal with the message “Invalid user name or login password” when logging in to BOC Personal Internet Banking:

1. Make sure that your user name and password are correct:

(1) Please pay attention to the distinction between upper and lower case for your user name and password.

(2) When you enter the first bit of your password, press Backspace a few more times to make sure that the password input field is cleared before you enter it.

(3) If all of the above are correct and you are still prompted with the message “Invalid username or password”, you can contact online customer service or call the Bank’s customer service hotline at 95566 for assistance in resolving the issue.

2. If you are not sure whether your user name or password is correct:

(1) You can use the “Retrieve User Name and Password” function on the BOC Personal Internet Banking login page and follow the instructions on the page to reset yourself.

(2) If you are unable to reset your account through online channels, please bring any account associated with BOC Personal Internet Banking and a valid ID to any Bank of China branch in China to retrieve your user name and password.

Warm reminder:

Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Resident Permit customers are not supported to reset their passwords online at the moment, so you can go to the counter at the Bank of China to reset your password.

The above is for your reference, please refer to the actual business regulations.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Bank of China online customer service.

You are cordially invited to download and use the Bank of China Mobile Banking APP or BOC Cross-border GOAPP to handle related services.