Commonly used data analysis methods include

What are the methods of data analysis

The methods of data analysis include PEST analysis, SWOT analysis, 5W2H analysis, etc. PEST is a kind of macro-environmental analysis model for enterprises, which analyzes internal and external environments from the four aspects of Politics, Economy, Society and Technology. Analyze the internal and external environment, applicable to macro analysis.

Data analysis in the commonly used analytical methods include

Data analysis of the six basic analytical methods are as follows:

1, comparative analysis method : commonly used in the longitudinal, horizontal, the most prominent, the plan and the actual and other kinds of relevant data. For example: the growth of wage income this year and the same period last year, the March CPI chain growth, etc..

2, trend analysis method: commonly used in a period of time cycle, by analyzing the data run the trend of change (up or down), for the future direction of development to help. For example: seasonal fluctuations in electricity consumption, up and down trends in the stock market.

3, correlation analysis: commonly used to analyze the nature of two or more variables and the degree of correlation. For example: the correlation between temperature and electricity consumption, the correlation between the amount of exercise and body weight.

4, regression analysis: commonly used to analyze the changes in one or more independent variables on a particular dependent variable to determine the degree of impact, so as to determine the relationship. For example: temperature, electricity equipment, electricity hours and other factors on the size of the impact of electricity consumption value, the level of wage income on the size of the impact of living consumption expenditures and so on.

5, descriptive analysis: commonly used in a group of data samples of various characteristics of the analysis, in order to describe the sample of the various and the overall characteristics of their representatives. For example: the average daily electricity consumption this month, the median wage income in Shanghai.

6, structural analysis: commonly used to analyze the overall internal characteristics of the data, the nature and pattern of change. For example: the proportion of total electricity consumption in each part of the total electricity consumption, the composition of living consumption expenditure, and so on.

What are the commonly used data analysis methods What are the commonly used data analysis methods

1, grouping analysis method. Grouping analysis method is to compare and contrast, the overall different nature of the object to separate, in order to further understand the inherent data relationships, so the grouping method must be used in conjunction with the comparison method.

2, structural analysis. Structural analysis refers to the analysis of the overall part of the overall comparison between the analytical method and the overall part of the overall proportion of the overall, belonging to the relative indicators. Generally, the larger the proportion of a part, the higher the degree of its importance, the greater the impact on the overall.

3, average analysis. Average analysis is to use the method of calculating the average to reflect the overall in a certain time, place conditions of a certain quantity of characteristics of the general level.

4, funnel analysis. Funnel analysis is combined with the comparative analysis method grouping analysis, comparing the same link before and after optimization, different user groups, peers similar conversion rate through the funnel of the links in the comparison of business data, can intuitively find and illustrate where the problem lies.