Computer c language basics book

What are the best books to get started with the basics of the c language?

1, “ah-ha C language”

This book is tailored for computer pure white. The style of humor, vivid image, easy to understand, on the introduction of small white cultivate interest in large. In this aspect of language arts, it is the peak. For those who already have the foundation of advanced or consolidation help little.

2, “Cprimerplus 5th edition/6th edition”

From the title of the book can be seen that this is a preparation for the entry white, hope to be able to systematically learn the c language readers are very helpful. The main obstacles encountered by the beginner in the process of gnawing the book, as well as the lack of understanding of many keywords, and each of the knowledge points in this book are arranged in a lot of vivid and simple examples, and gives the corresponding results of the run, the feeling of unimpeded access. And “CPrimerPlus6” relative to the 5th edition and made a brand new upgrade, in the completeness, example runs, detailed degree further, read will not be boring.

3, “C++PrimerPlus (6th Edition) Chinese Edition”

Hailed as “developers to learn the essential tutorials of C + + +, there is no one”! An enduring bestseller for getting started in C++ is suitable for those who have never learned C or even programmed with zero foundation. Starting from the basic content, first explains some of the rules about traditional programming, to the back only a little bit to lead to one of the essence of C + + C related content, quite a wealth of cases, novice understanding easy.

4. “C and Pointers”

Pointers and pointer operations have always been the focus of the c language and difficult. And this book provides in-depth and complete knowledge about pointers enough to help avoid the pain of pointers. More to the point, this book has its own unique ideas on ADT, recursion, pointers and arrays in its parts, which can complement the textbook to form a proper view of the c language.

5, “C Programming Language”

This book in the world of c language temple treasure, can be called a classic among the classics. Vertically, it derives the evolution of computers from the helloworld, and horizontally it goes deeper and deeper, pulling up the layers. In just over 100 pages, almost hand in hand to teach the writing of stdio.hstdlib.hstring.h in most of the routines, the implementation of the binary search, quick sort, binary trees, hash tables, these important data structures and algorithms.

What are the introductory classics books on C?

1. C Introductory Classics (5th Edition)

C is a fundamental language that every programmer should master.C is the basis for the C# language used in Microsoft .NET programming; C is the basis for the Objective-C language used in programming the iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices; C is the basis for the C++ language widely used in many environments ( C is also the basis for the Linux operating system and many of its features. Learning C provides a strong foundation for a career in programming, and also helps to better understand more modern languages (such as Java).

2. Programming in C: A Comprehensive Introductory C Tutorial (Third Edition)

Programming in C: A Comprehensive Introductory C Tutorial (Third Edition)

Programming in C: A Comprehensive Introductory C Tutorial (Third Edition)

This is a highly acclaimed introductory C textbook, the first edition of which was released 20 years ago. The book is detailed and comprehensive, from the shallow to the deep, rich in examples, and each chapter is followed by a part of the exercises, very suitable for readers to use for self-study. In addition, Programming in C provides in-depth explanations of the latest advances in the C standard, common C development tools, and important aspects of managing large-scale C projects.

3. C Language from Beginner to Master

“C Language from Beginner to Master” to zero-based explanation for the purpose of guiding readers with examples of in-depth study, to take the “basic knowledge → core technology → interesting problems → project combat” mode of explanation, in-depth explanation of the C language technology and practical skills. The book is a great way to learn the basics of the C language.

Why is C the best language to start with?

Now java is very popular, especially the rapid development of China’s Internet, apps and server-side development is now much more popular than the traditional c language and c++, from the company’s recruiting brief above can be seen. Make a lot of years to do a lot of embedded old engineers shouting don’t learn c language, recruiting too few people, grasp the learning app development it. This situation makes a lot of white people feel that the use of c language as a starting language is a wrong choice, is c language really out of date?

C language compared to java, c#, php, python and other such languages seem a bit outdated feeling. However, the influence and history of the language itself is worth the beginner’s choice to use it as an introductory language, and there are several reasons to choose it as an introductory language.

(1). For those who want to engage in embedded development and open source operating systems, especially linux, learning c language is a must, the underlying operating system implementation language is based on c language or assembly, the vast majority of them are still c language. For those who aspire to understand the entire computer system architecture or to be an architect, the c language is a language that must be mastered deeply.

(2). c language as the existence of the history of the language so long, based on the c language architecture system retained in the various large companies, so based on this point of the job opportunities are still quite a lot, and now we often use the handheld game consoles, automated mopping robots, refrigerators, air conditioning inside the chip driver and application programs or the vast majority of the c language to achieve, which can easily say c language. The language is so not, so learn c language employment prospects are still a bright.

(3). If you have the foundation of the c language and then go to learn a more advanced language, for the advanced language series of programming is definitely a good thing. Because of the underlying language implementation of the understanding of the above, especially the understanding of pointers, for the upper layers of the language to write a large program or locate the project performance or memory problems, there will be a more profound understanding. Sort of a good addition to the level of knowledge.

(4). The earliest open source code is based on a lot of c language implementation, and then other languages of the open source community has slowly enriched the c language foundation can also be hot to join the open source community, join the open source community can learn the standard code specification, to understand the direction of the development of cutting-edge technology, you can also use open source projects to enhance their own project experience, in order to find a job or to enhance the code cultivation to provide a very good foundation.

Saying all this, C as an introductory language, it is still quite reliable to understand the use of C as an introductory programming language for beginners on multiple levels.

Learn the basics of the C language to read that book better? To the most basic

How to say, Tan Haoqiang’s “c programming” is the most easy to start the book, countless programmers are from this book to start, although many people think that this book has a lot of mistakes.

If you think the above book is not detailed enough, I recommend, “cprimerplus” fourth edition of the Chinese version, this I feel that if you can seriously look at, can lay a solid foundation.

Zero basis to learn the basics of the c language recommended books

Tan Haoqiang’s c language of, 10 million books, college textbooks. c language ah, nothing more than knocking code.

I feel that people who start to learn C language or more look at this book, like some other books, indeed, there are good, but the idea is also more difficult to understand. Your foundation goes to build a good one, so that you can better attack those difficult books. After all, Tan Haoqiang’s book is used in the university.