Computer static ip how to set up faster Internet speeds

wifi static ip change into how much the fastest network speed

wifi static ip change into the fastest network speed:

If you want to set up a static ip, you must first know the network segment of your wireless network, and you can set up a static ip if you know the segment. as long as you set up a static ip in the range of the network segment and is not occupied by the device, the ip meets the conditions of such a theoretical ip can be used to set up, but also exclude the first and last ip in the network segment to avoid conflicts. As long as the static IP is within the range of the network segment and is not occupied by the device, any IP that meets these conditions can theoretically be used to set the static IP. But even if you change the static IP address, it won’t have much of an effect on the speed of your network.


The computer’s network card also affects the speed of the Internet. If the broadband is 1000M, but the computer hardware is relatively old, the network card may not be able to reach the rate of gigabit. In addition, low-end motherboard NICs have limited performance, so if the game requires high latency, consider adding a PCI NIC.100M broadband has a maximum download speed of 12.5M per second, 200M has a speed of 25M per second, 500M has a speed of 62.5M per second, and 1000M broadband has a download speed of 125M per second.Higher bandwidth means faster speeds.

The fastest gateway for static ip internet speeds for computers

When computers use static IP addresses, choosing a fast gateway can improve internet access speeds. Generally speaking, a gateway that is closer to you will have relatively faster network access speeds. For example, the local ISP gateway in the user’s city can usually be chosen as the gateway for the computer’s static IP address, which can improve network speed. In addition, large Internet companies (e.g., Baidu, Ali, etc.) have set up high-speed gateways, and users are also advised to choose the company’s high-speed gateway for faster network access. Meanwhile, computer maintenance and upgrading system, optimizing network settings, etc. can also effectively improve the Internet speed.

Router dynamic IP and static IP Internet access how to set up [setup tutorial]

In the process of setting up our router, the router setup interface will generally provide us with four Internet access options, which are: “Let the router automatically select the Internet access method (recommended)”, “PPPoE (ADSL virtual dialup)”, “Dynamic IP (Ethernet broadband, automatically obtains an IP address from the service provider)”, and “Static IP (Ethernet broadband, network service provider provides a fixed IP address )”. In order to better help you, the following four types of Internet access to do an introduction.

4 Internet access options

“Let the router automatically select the Internet access method (recommended)” This option is not recommended to choose, because sometimes the router is not recognized accurately, which will result in the inability to access the Internet; therefore, it is best to manually select the Internet access method. pppoE (ADSL virtual dial-up), because most families use PPPoE (ADSL virtual dial-up). PPPoE (ADSL virtual dial-up) is the best way to access the Internet because most families use the Internet to choose virtual dial-up (you must enter the correct broadband user name and password to access the Internet), so PPPoE (ADSL virtual dial-up) is our best way to access the Internet. Here we focus on the remaining two, dynamic IP and static IP Internet access.

Dynamic IP: also known as Dynamic IP (DHCP to obtain IP), for the “dynamic IP” Internet broadband service users, broadband operators will provide a cable to the user’s home; in the absence of the use of a router, you only need to plug this cable in the computer, and the computer’s IP address is set to automatically obtain the IP address, the computer can go online. The computer will then be able to access the Internet.

Dynamic IP settings: Select “Dynamic IP (Ethernet broadband, automatically obtain an IP address from the service provider)” – > Click “Next”.

Dynamic IP access

Static IP: For users with “static IP” access to broadband services, the broadband operator will provide a cable to the user’s home, as well as an IP address, subnet mask, gateway, and two DNS servers to the user; in the case of not using a router, you only need to put this cable to the user’s home. When not using a router, you only need to plug this cable into your computer and set the IP address on your computer according to the IP address information provided.

Static IP Internet settings: Select “Static IP (Ethernet broadband, ISP provides fixed IP address)” – > Click “Next”.

Static IP address

Fill in the IP address, subnet mask, gateway, and DNS servers assigned by your carrier–> click “Next”.

Warm tips: “PPPoE (ADSL virtual dial-up)”, “Dynamic IP” and “Static IP” are the three ways to access the Internet, depending on the type of broadband service the user is applying for. The broadband service type to choose, the choice is not correct, is not able to access the Internet; if according to the above introduction, you still can not judge their own way of accessing the Internet, please consult the customer service of your broadband operator by phone, to figure out and then make a choice.

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