Desktop shortcuts have locks how to do ah Huawei

Huawei cell phone desktop layout lock how to unlock

There are times when the desktop icon will be accidentally moved to other locations, and then want to use the app when it takes time to find, in order to prevent this from happening, many people will lock the desktop layout, that want to unlock how to do it?

First find the desktop [Settings], we will see a lot of functional options for us to choose, find [Desktop and Wallpaper], click [Desktop Settings];

We will see the five functions, which [Lock Layout] can be seen is open;

Select the button next to the button when the color of the button changes from blue to grey, that is, on behalf of the successful lifting of the desktop layout!

If you still want to change your desktop layout, you can choose the upper [Desktop Layout], there are three options for you to choose;

Huawei cell phone to unlock the desktop layout you learned?

Huawei cell phone desktop layout has been locked how to unlock

Use Huawei cell phone, want to know how to unlock the desktop layout has been locked, the following to introduce the method

The first step to go into the Huawei cell phone desktop, click on Settings

The second step into the Huawei cell phone Settings, click on the desktop and wallpaper


The third step into the desktop and wallpaper, click on the desktop settings

The fourth step in the desktop settings, click to close the locking layout

The fifth step to close the locking layout, after the release of the Huawei cell phone desktop layout has been locked, according to the need to use the

How do you unlock the desktop on Huawei?

There are several ways to unlock your desktop:

1. Unlock through settings: If you used face recognition to unlock the lock screen when setting up the lock screen, and set up a password to unlock the lock screen, you can unlock the desktop through the password to unlock the lock screen.

2. Unlock by key combination: Press and hold “Volume Up” + “Power Button” to open the lock screen menu, select “Restore Factory Settings”, then you can unlock the desktop. The desktop is now locked.

3. Empty the Recycle Bin: Open the Recycle Bin on your computer, select the data you want to delete, and then press the Delete key, which can also unlock the desktop.

4. Unlock via software: Connect your phone to the computer and use the appropriate software to open and delete the phone data in your phone, this can also unlock the desktop.

5. Unlocked by brushing: After brushing, the phone will be restored to factory settings, you can backup important data before brushing.

6. You can disable the desktop lock function in the settings of your phone to unlock the desktop. Different phones have different settings, you can refer to the manual or consult customer service.

These are just a few of the ways to unlock your desktop, so you can choose the right one for your situation.

Huawei p40 how to cancel the desktop has been locked icon

Desktop has been locked unlocked need to desktop locking layout can be closed, the specific operation is as follows.

Tools: Huawei p40, HarmonyOS 2.0, Settings.

1, in the phone settings interface, click on the desktop and wallpaper.

2. In the desktop and wallpaper interface, click desktop settings.

3, in the desktop settings interface, the lock layout can be turned off.

The main features of the mobile desktop

1, colorful and cool themes: with more than 500 theme providers contracted to update a variety of types of themes for a long time, no longer need to worry about the theme of the trouble of not finding, a huge number of cool themes to choose from to download.

2. Unique and personalized icon customization: With a large number of themes, the personalized customization of individual icons also adds a unique label to your phone. Long press an icon and select the “Change Icon” option to create a personalized program icon for your phone.

3. Innovative phone partition management: Say goodbye to the previous confusing mode, the new UI allows plug-ins and icons to be separated, making the desktop more concise and beautiful.

4, shortcuts big integration: desktop set up shortcuts, you can easily organize the common function keys together, not only function shortcuts can be organized, but also the common contacts can be integrated, so that the phone use more simple.

5. One-click cleanup: The desktop one-click cleanup button makes it easier and faster to clean up your phone, one-click to clean up all kinds of junk, and keep your phone running smoothly at all times.