Does the 360 browser work?

Is 360 Ticket Snatcher good for 2016 train tickets?

It should be possible, but there are many better software than it. You download a pea pod, and then in the [Application] – [Software Category] – [Transportation Tickets] you can see a lot of ticket snatchers Oh.

In the peak period to grab tickets, will find 12306’s official website is often jammed, and sometimes the display is not quite normal, this time we have to make on the ticket grabber. You can download more than one ticket grabbing magic tool, the software has Zhixing train ticket, high speed rail butler and so on, or you can download a few ticket grabbing version of the browser on the pea pod, you can avoid to a relatively large extent in the 12306 official website can not be opened smoothly. And some browsers can also be downloaded and installed to grab tickets plug-ins, in the browser at the top of the general can find the [extension] button, click in, find the ticket plug-ins can be installed. Installation is complete. When you grab a ticket to focus on fast and accurate, so sometimes often use the computer and cell phone at the same time to grab, but also use several software to grab together, so that the chances of grabbing will be relatively large.

360 Ticketmaster can grab tickets

Use the 360 browser, in the input field, type “360 Ticketmaster”, the following information column will appear, select the date and number of cars, click on “grab tickets now”


This time a window will pop up, click “Add Ticketmaster Extension”

Click “Add”

Enter your username and password, and click log in, if you haven’t registered yet. If you are not registered, you need to register according to your real identity

Click “Select Passenger”

Check the rider’s name, if you don’t have the rider’s information, click “Add Passenger” to complete the input of the passenger’s information.

Then select the priority seat, priority train, and check the box in front of “Automatic Ticket Grabbing”

You can set up to be reminded of the success of the ticket grabbing via WeChat by clicking on the “Setup” button. “

Scan the QR code with WeChat and follow it

Click on “Start Ticketing”

Start automatic ticketing


360 browser quickly grab tickets to brush the method [multi-chart]

360 browser quickly grab tickets to brush the method

360 browser how to quickly grab tickets to brush the ticket?360 grab the ticket browser is 360 launched 360 browser to grab the ticket special edition, we all know that the Spring Festival of the train ticket is the most difficult to buy, but then to go home, the browser homes I sometimes grab the ticket also have to rely on the 360 ah! The 2015 Spring Festival train tickets purchased 60 days in advance, also need to grab ah! Browser homes I share with you 360 rob tickets browser quickly rob tickets brush method? How to rob us to take a look.

After entering, point the computer to grab tickets, log on to their 12306 account, pre-set the red circle marked out, and then wait for the release of the ticket time to arrive, just enjoy the brush.

360 Ticket Browser fast ticket brush method notes:

1. Before grabbing the ticket, be sure to have their own 12306 account

2. In 12306 set up their own information in advance, that is, the name, ID card number, these, and to help others buy tickets do not forget to fill in the friend’s information.

3. Be sure to realize the time to check the release of train tickets, half an hour before the release of tickets in advance to enter the page of the ticket, to prevent too many people to grab tickets, can not enter the network.

4. Finally, and most importantly, the cell phone network and the computer network is independent, when the computer network is very bad, may wish to use the phone to grab tickets.

Recommended software installation: 360 rob tickets browser click to download