excel function sum of squares formula

How to find the square value in Excel sheet?

Two formulas: “= power (A2,2)” and “= A2 ^ 2”

1, POWER (A2,2) in which “A2” on behalf of the number of cells in A2, “2” on behalf of the square . Specific operations in EXCEL as follows (such as: the square of the data for the A column, in the B column to show):

1) EXCEL table in the A column kind of input the original data (as shown in the figure below the red box)

2) in cell B2 enter “= power (A2,2)” formula

3) After the formula is entered, enter, this time the number of squares obtained “4” as “16”.

4) at the same time selected this cell, the mouse to the lower right corner of the cell location. Double click to get all the squared values.

2. Use the ^ symbol to square.

This symbol is on the key number 6, hold down the shift key and then click on the number 6 to type this symbol. For example, to calculate the square of A2, then you can type = A2^2 in B2 to get 16. 4 is the base of the number on the left side of the symbol, and 2 is the exponent of the number on the right side. Specifically as follows:

1) in cell C3 enter “= A2 ^ 2”, which “^” symbol is by “hold down the shift key and then press the number 6 to get”!

2) formula input is complete, enter, this time to obtain the “4” the number of squares is “16”, as follows

3) at the same time, select the cell, the mouse to the cell lower-right corner of the location. EXCEL through the “= A2 ^ 2” square.

excel how to find the square of a group of data at once and how to find the sum of the product of two groups of data?????

For a set of data and the square of the use of the formula


For the two sets of data and the product of