How many jsp built-in objects are there?

How many built-in objects in jsp?

There are nine main built-in objects in jsp. They are request, response, session, application, out, pagecontext, config, page, exception.

Briefly describe the nine built-in objects in jsp? four scopes?

1, jsp built-in object is the Web container to create a set of objects, can not be declared and created in the JSP page script (Java program pieces and Java expressions) can be used directly in the member variables a total of nine built-in objects.

2, jsp nine built-in objects are request, response, session, application, out, pageContext, config, page and exception. specific role you can check the technical books.

3, the so-called four major scopes means page, request, session, application.

4, learning jsp programming, built-in objects must be firmly grasp, very very familiar with it.

5, I hope you are helpful.