How to adjust the width in word tables

word how to adjust the width of the form

The use of Word to create the form, usually in the adjustment of the size of the problem will be today many people feel confused, although not as simple as Excel on the form of easy to operate, but we can still usually effective way to achieve the effect of adjusting the size of the form as you wish. Below I will give you a few tricks to adjust the size of the Word form.

1, the overall size of the Word form of adjustment:

By moving the mouse to the lower right corner of the form, and then hold down the right stick to drag to adjust the overall size of the form. The results of this method of adjustment so that all cells in the form of height and width are scaled proportionally.

2, a line of adjustment:

Move the cursor to adjust the height of the line to the lower border, when the mouse changes, drag up and down to adjust the line height.

3, a line of the adjustment of the height:

For the adjustment of the column width, move the cursor to adjust the width of the right side of the column box, when the mouse changes, drag the left and right to adjust the column width.

4, the precise size of the form:

Move the mouse to the upper left corner of the form, right-click and select “Form Properties” item from the pop-up menu.

5, in the open “Form Properties” window, switch to the “Rows” tab, and then check the “Specify the height” item, you can accurately set the height of all lines Setting.

6. When the mouse right-click in a line, select “Table Properties”, will be in the “Rows” tab only the line to accurately set its row height.

7, by clicking on the “Next” or “Previous” button to adjust the other rows of height accurately. The same principle for column width adjustment.

The above is a word to adjust the size of the form of several ways to introduce, how, we have learned? I hope to be able to help you!