How to apply for an e-mail address

How to apply for an e-mail address to register for a personal e-mail address

Now we have a very large demand for e-mail addresses, many people in the sending of some of the documents is relatively large or in the customization of their own work cards or work clothes, generally speaking, it is necessary to use the mailbox to send the documents, may be for some people they are in the usual life of the mailbox is not much opportunity. In some people in their normal life and not many opportunities to use the mailbox, so may not have to apply for their own mailbox, or how to apply for e-mail is not known, then the following I would like to give you an introduction to how we go to apply for our e-mail, no mailboxes on the next look at yo!

How to apply for an e-mail address

1, Netease mailbox.

Login 126 mailbox site.

How to quickly apply for free personal e-mail

Tap Register, fill in the registration information. You can see that you can register for 126, 163, mailboxes, which belong to the free mailboxes of NetEase. There are three registration methods, letter mailbox, cell phone number mailbox, VIP mailbox. Usually it is enough to register for a letter mailbox.

How to apply for a free personal e-mail address

Register for a letter mailbox, fill in the e-mail address, the address name is random, 6 to 18 characters, you can use letters, numbers, underscores, you need to start with a letter. You can choose,,

How to apply for free personal e-mail quickly

Fill out the form and click register.

2, QQ mailbox.

QQ mailbox is also free, you just need to have a QQ number, just open the QQ mailbox can be.

In the same way, log in to the official website of QQ mailbox and register.

Apply for a personal e-mail address

Open the mailbox web page

Open the web page where you need to register your mailbox, and find the registration option in the login section of the interface.

Fill in the information

On entering, fill in all the information given and then enter the cell phone number.

Enter the verification code

Wait for the verification code to finish and click on register to register successfully.

How to register yourself for email

Click on Tools

Mobile Tools page, click to select the email app.

Select Category

Email page, click to select the category of the email that you need to register.

Register Email

Category Email Login page, click to select Go to register account.

Submit information

Enter the account username and password and other information, submit the registration application order.

How to apply for registered e-mail?

Applying to register an e-mail address is very simple, just follow the steps below:

1.Choose an e-mail service provider.

2. Open the official website of your email service provider.

3. Click on the buttons “Register” or “Create Account”.

4. Fill in your personal information, such as name, date of birth, gender, and so on.

5. Enter the required login information, including your username and password, as well as the cell phone number you are tied to.

6. Read and agree to the relevant agreements.

7. Click the “Register” or “Done” button.

8. Complete the verification steps, such as entering a verification code or clicking on a verification link.

9. Log in to your mailbox and start using it!


Choose a reliable mailbox service provider to ensure the security of your account and personal information.

Set strong passwords and change them regularly to prevent account theft.

Don’t easily disclose personal information and passwords to avoid unnecessary losses.

Now that you know how to apply to register an e-mail address, act quickly!

How to sign up for e-mail?

The first method:

1, click on the small envelope icon on the main page of QQ, it will automatically open an e-mail address for you.

2. 这个邮箱地址就是你的QQ号码

The second method:

1. Open the browser, in the search page, enter “126 mailbox”, enter the registration page.

2, start to register, and follow the prompts, set the e-mail address, set the password, and then continue to enter the phone number, enter the verification code. Click on “Get Free Verification Code”. After you receive the verification code on your cell phone, enter it and click “Register Now”.

Method 3:

1, open the browser, enter “sina mailbox”, enter the registration page.

2, according to the prompts, set the e-mail address, and set the password can be.

Expanded Information

Email Selection

Before choosing an email service provider we need to understand what the purpose of using email is, and target the selection according to their different purposes.

If often contact with foreign customers, it is recommended to use foreign e-mail. For example, Gmail, Hotmail, MSNmail, Yahoomail and so on.

If you want to use it as a network hard disk, and often store some pictures, then you should choose the mailbox with large storage capacity, such as Gmail, Yahoomail, NetEase 163mail, 126mail, yeahmail, TOMmail, 21CNmail and so on are good choices.

If you have your own computer, it is best to choose the mailbox that supports POP/SMTP protocol, you can use outlook, foxmail and other mail client software to download the mail to your hard disk, so you don’t have to worry about the size of the mailbox is not enough to use, at the same time, you can also avoid other people to steal the password to peek at your mail later. Of course, the premise is not to keep a copy on the server. I’d recommend doing this mainly from a security standpoint.

If you often need to send and receive some large attachments, Gmail, Yahoomail, Hotmail, MSNmail, NetEase 163mail, 126mail, Yeahmail and so on can meet the requirements very well.

If you want to know your new mail in the first time, then we recommend you to use China Mobile’s mobile dream network with the mail, when there is a mail arriving will have a cell phone SMS notification. China Unicom users can choose Ruyi Mail.

If you are just using it domestically, then QQ mailbox is also a good choice, and having a QQ number email address will allow your friends to send instant messages to you via QQ. Of course you can also use an alias mailbox. In addition, with Tencent’s acquisition of foxmail, Tencent’s technology in the field of e-mail has been greatly strengthened. So it should be very reassuring to use QQ mailbox.