How to cancel Alipay desktop shortcut

How to delete Alipay Sweep Code on your desktop

This is similar to the shortcut on the desktop of your computer, just delete the desktop icon, different brands of cell phones with different processing methods, list a few commonly used brands to deal with it.

Millet: long press the left button of the touch screen, then the desktop will appear, the Alipay icon will be dragged upward to the top of the Alipay Sweeps icon, there will be a prompt whether to uninstall and clear the data, choose yes on it.

Apple: Long press the Alipay Sweep icon, wait until the icon wiggles, tap the x that appears in the top left corner.

Samsung: Similar to Xiaomi, long press the left button, drag and drop Alipay Sweep to remove it.

Alipay shortcuts how to cancel?

1, in the Baidu search engine, enter Alipay, find and open with the official website standard “Alipay ZhiTuoPai!”. .

2. Log in to your Alipay account in the official Alipay website.

3. Find the bank card function bar and click “Manage” on the right side.

4. Find the card you want to disable and click the “Manage” button.

5. Find and click the “Close” button on the right side.

6. If you just want to close it, the following dialog box will appear. According to their actual needs or actual situation to choose, and then click on the next step can be.

6, if you just want to close, the following dialog box will appear.

Xiaomi phone how to close the Alipay WeChat shortcuts

2, click to enter the “gestures and key shortcuts”;

3, after entering the shortcuts, the shortcuts are canceled, set to “no”, you can cancel the shortcut function! The

How to close the Alipay shortcut health code?

Health code shortcut is the money number to the desktop, in order to faster and more convenient to use, to cancel the shortcut, first of all, then go to the phone to open Alipay, in the personal center page, click on the Settings icon, which is in the Settings interface click on the privacy, and then open the privacy interface, click on the authorization to manage, and then in the open management page to find and click on the health code, click on the unbundled cardholder button, click OK to close the health code shortcut.

According to Baidu’s experience, the steps to close Alipay’s shortcut function are as follows:

1, log in to Alipay’s web version, and then enter your Alipay account and password to enter Alipay’s personal center.

2, after logging into Alipay successfully, we will see a bank card management page on the right side of the display page, click on “Management”, and then proceed to the next step.

3, in the pop-up page, we can see their own and Alipay to bind all the bank cards, click “Management”.

4, on one of the bank card has been opened fast payment function click “close”, and then perform the next step.

5. Select a reason for closing the fast payment function, you can directly select “I no longer use this card”, and then click the next step.

6, finally, we need to enter the Alipay account payment password, enter the completion of the click on the “unbinding” to cancel the fast payment function of the bank card.