How to cancel Apple developer account cell phone

How to cancel Apple account

Apple account cancellation method is as follows:

Mobile phone: iphone13

System: iOS15

1, into the phone’s Settings interface, we choose to enter the AppleID option.

2. Then in the AppleID page, click to enter the Media & Purchases program.

3. Next, we need to choose to click on the Show Account option to go inside the Account Settings page.

4. Then we choose to click on the AppleID button to enter into the official iPhone id page.

5, then we need to choose to click on the Manage your data option to enter into the data interface, and finally we choose to click on the Request account deletion option to cancel the id.

DeveloperAPP how to cancel account

developerAPP cancel account method is as follows:

1, open the computer, open developerAPP.

2, click on my, find my settings, and then click on privacy.

3, click account security, click cancel account click OK to enter the reason.