How to cancel your account on Alipay Life

Alipay how to cancel

Alipay greatly facilitates our lives, whether it is work or life are everywhere to pay, but some people account not to use want to cancel the account, then how to cancel Alipay? Alipay can be forced to cancel? The following Xiao Xiao will give you to talk about Alipay to cancel the method of steps, there is a need to come with Xiao Xiao to see Oh.

Alipay how to cancel

1, open the phone Alipay, click on the lower right corner of the “my”, enter the personal page, and then the upper right corner of the settings icon.

2, in the settings page, click account and security settings.

3. Enter the account and security settings, click on “Security Center” below.

4. Open the Security Center page and click “Logout”.

5, into the account cancellation page, click “cancel now”, you can cancel their Alipay account.

All of the above is to provide you with Alipay how to cancel the specific method of operation of the introduction of it ~ I hope to help you to help ~

Alipay account how to cancel

Alipay account how to cancel

1, open the Alipay software

2, into the Alipay page, click on the lower-right corner of the “my” to enter

3, click on the upper-right corner of the “Settings”

4, click on the security settings

5, click on the “Security Center” to enter

6, click on “permanent cancellation “

4, click on the security settings

5, click on the “Security Center” to enter

6, click on the “permanent account cancellation” to enter

7, click on the next step

8, and finally enter the Alipay password, click to confirm

9, after the completion of the message will receive a

Alipay account how to cancel, Alipay will automatically lift the real-name authentication after the successful cancellation

Alipay account how to cancel

Now everyone’s cell phone is basically installed in the Alipay APP, mobile payment has been affecting our lives, the use of Alipay needs to be bound to our identity card number, bank card number, etc., meal payment, consumer shopping, Taobao online shopping, etc. can be paid through Alipay, but also in Alipay in the daily collection of energy to plant trees for charity, if you do not want to continue to use Alipay can be canceled? The first thing you need to do is to get rid of it.

At present, the Alipay account is supported by the cancellation process is as follows:

1, open the Alipay APP, click on the lower right “My”, enter the personal home page;

2, in the personal home page, you can see the upper-right “Settings”. “Settings”, click to enter the settings page;

3, the first column of the settings is “Security Settings”, click to enter;

4, in the security settings you can change the cell phone number, registration password, unlock settings, etc., to the bottom of the “Security Center”;

5, in the Security Center you can see the “lost account”, “lifting account restrictions “and” permanently cancel the account “, click on the third.

6, in the permanent cancellation of the account page will remind the user whether to cancel, canceled will give up the following assets and rights, click “Next”, enter the Alipay password, Alipay cancellation is complete.

Once Alipay has been canceled, it can no longer be used, and if you re-register Alipay on your cell phone, all your rights and interests will be recalculated, starting from zero.

Will Alipay’s real-name authentication be automatically lifted after a successful logout

Alipay supports personal initiative to log out, and Alipay will not continue to be used after the logout, and the personal account information will be logged out after the logout, and the real-name authentication will be lifted automatically.

Alipay is very easy to use for most young people, and you only need to take a cell phone with you when you go out to shop, eat, take the bus, take a taxi, and so on. We can use Alipay to transfer money, send red packets, do public welfare, financial management, etc., because Alipay needs to bind personal information, the platform for personal travel, food and housing and other lifestyle is very well understood, if you do not want to continue to use Alipay, it is recommended to log out.

Alipay how to cancel the life number

It is estimated that some users do not understand how to cancel the operation of Alipay life number, the following Xiaobian shared in Alipay to cancel the life number of the method of steps, take a look at it, I hope to help you oh.

Alipay cancel life number of detailed steps

1, first of all, we open Alipay

2, click on friends

3, click on the life number

4, to find you want to cancel the life of the number in order to have the wealth of the network as an example to click on the entry, click on the upper right corner of the personal icon

5, click on the abolition of the attention to the

I’ve moved, how do I cancel my Alipay electricity account?

You can manage your account number through the Alipay Life Bill Payment interface.

Detailed steps I demonstrated with Alipay version 10.2.60:

2. Slide the page and click on [Household Management]

3. Click on the [Delete] button behind the Electricity Options

4. Click on [Confirm Delete]