How to crack the wireless network password?

Apple phone how to hide wifi password forget how to do to show wifi password on ios mobile phone

1, in ios cell phone is not able to show the WiFi password, not only for the ios system of cell phones, in time android system of cell phones can not be directly viewed to connect the wireless password. What’s more, Apple’s cell phone is a closed system, and many of the files on the phone are hidden.

2, although there are many cell phone wifi password cracker, but only to achieve is connected to the network, but in the cell phone does not show the wireless wifi password.

3, can show the wireless network password only on the computer side, use the computer to connect to the wireless network, and then in the network properties settings, show the wireless network password. Only then can you see the WiFi password.

2. How to crack the hidden wifi password on Apple phone

1. First of all, go to the official “WiFi Master Key” to download the iPhone version of WiFi Master Key. The official address is shown in the picture.

2. Then jailbreak your Apple phone. Please refer to other related tutorials for more information on jailbreaking. Of course, if you can’t jailbreak your Apple phone, you can also download “SyncPush Assistant” and use it to download “WiFi Master Key”.

3. Of course, we can also scan the following QR code on our Apple phones to get the download address of WiFi Master Key.

4. Run the “WiFi Master Key” program on your iPhone. In the main interface of the pop-up program, click on the hotspot you want to crack, you can choose to use the “master key” to crack the operation

3. How to forget all the wifi passwords on Apple phones

Methods: Users need to enter the desktop, you first need to open the desktop icon in the “Settings”. “Settings”. Then in the open settings, click “wireless LAN”. Then, you will enter the wireless LAN management window. In the wireless LAN management window, we click on the wifi that we want to change the password, click on it, click on it, in the new window, we click on “Ignore this network”, after clicking on “Ignore this network”, there will be a pop-up prompt, here select “Ignore”. After clicking “Ignore”, we return to the wifi management window, find the wifi account that we just ignored, and click on it. Then, it will go to the new window where we have to enter the password, here the user will re-enter the password again, i.e. change the password or the user can also forget all the passwords by restoring the network settings.

The key of the WIFI hotspot is known but it doesn’t connect because Apple can now only connect to wireless hotspots without a password.

4. How to add a hidden wifi to your Apple phone

1. Select Add Networks in WIFI in the system settings of your phone.

2. Apple phone security select WPA2, enter the correct WIFI name and password, click save to try to connect.3. After saving the connection, wait a few seconds, you can successfully connect to WiFi.

Whether it is an Android phone, or an Apple iPhone, before connecting to the hidden wifi, the user has to Figure out the following issues: (1), must know the name of the hidden wifi, and it must be correct (2), must know the password of the hidden wifi (3), must know the security of the hidden wifi is which one of the 3 kinds of WEP, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK? If you are not sure, please check in your router settings interface.WPA2-PSK this kind of most secure, the vast majority of wireless routers, this kind of encryption is chosen.

5. How to forget the wifi password for your Apple phone

When you forget the WIFI password for your own wireless router, just change it.

Connect your computer to any LAN port of your router, enter the setup page, and set and modify the router WIFI name (SSID) and password.

Methods are as follows:

1, open the browser, in the address bar, enter the IP address of the router gateway (the label on the back of the router, usually, enter the login username and password (usually admin);

2, after successful login, it will show the running state, click on the “wireless settings”;

3, and then click on the “wireless security settings”, the wireless network name (SSID), that is, a name, you can fill in, usually letters + numbers;

4, and then set the password, generally choose the WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryption method (the password should be 8-16, can be a combination of alphanumeric);

5, set the password, click Save, prompted to reboot;

6. How to connect to a hidden wifi on an Apple iphone Password wireless LAN does not show the network

Apple phone connect hidden wifi method


First of all, open the settings interface on your Apple phone, and find the [Wireless LAN] option in the settings interface, as shown in the picture below.


Click the [Wireless LAN] option to enter the wireless LAN connection interface, and find the [Other] option, as shown in the following figure. Because the router is set up with wifi hiding, the hidden wifi cannot be searched by direct search.


Click the [Other] function button to enter the manual input interface of the hidden wifi, enter the name of the hidden wifi set up on the router, and select WPA2 for security, as shown in the figure below.


After selecting the security, the password input box appears, enter the password of the hidden wifi in the password input box and click the [Join] button, your Apple phone will be able to connect to the hidden wifi, as shown in the figure below.


Android phone to connect to the hidden wifi method

Android cell phone setup is a little bit more trouble than the Apple phone, first of all, also need to find the settings option of the Android cell phone, to find the WLAN option and turn it on, as shown in the picture below.

Then click on the WLAN option and find the [Other] option, click on the [Other] option to enter the interface to manually add a network, as shown in the figure below.

Enter the network name of the hidden wifi in the Add Network Manually screen, and select WPA/WPA2PSK for security, as shown in the figure below.

After the security settings are complete, a password input box appears, enter the password for the hidden wifi, and then click the OK button to enter the WLAN connection interface, as shown in the following figure.

While you have entered the WLAN connection interface, your Android phone can’t connect to the hidden wifi network at this time, and you need to set a static IP address to do so. Next, click on the arrow position in the picture above to enter the hidden wifi network details interface, as shown in the picture below.

Click the IP settings, select static, enter the static IP settings interface, this time the IP address and other figures in gray font, as shown in the figure below.

Use the input method to install the gray font numbers to re-enter, when the font are turned into a black font, the static IP is set up, and then click the [OK] button, the Android phone can be connected to the hidden wifi network.

How to crack wifi password with master key on Apple phone?

The first step is to enter the system “Settings – WLAN”

The second step is to wait for the list to be refreshed, and then click on the notification of immediate access to the Internet

The third step is to go back to the APP and click on the hotspot to start connecting.