How to enable dhcp service

How to enable the dhcp server

If we previously turned off the dhcp service, and then want to turn it on again, I think you can configure the router’s setup page accordingly, and then static allocation. Specific steps together to see it. I hope it can help you.

How to enable dhcp server

I. Enable DHCP service

1. Select DHCP server

2. Address Pool Start and End Addresses: Set the range of the address pool

3. Address Lease Period: The effective time of use of the IP address that is assigned to the client by the DHCP server. Before the end of the lease period, the DHCP client will have a renewal process to ensure the long-term use of the same IP address

4. Gateway: Fill in the IP address of the LAN port of the router, the default is

5. DNS servers: Fill in the DNS server address provided by the operator

2. Client List

1. Select Client List and the following screen will appear. The client list shows the information of the hosts that have obtained IP addresses through the DHCP server

2. The above figure shows the host name, MAC address, obtained IP address and effective time of the hosts that have obtained IP addresses through the DHCP server

3. Static Address Assignment

1. Select Static Address Assignment, and the interface as shown below will appear. Static address assignment allows you to reserve an IP address for a host with a specified MAC address

For example, if there is a printer on the LAN, and if the print server gets a different IP address every time, it will affect the use of the printer by everyone on the LAN. So you need to reserve an IP address for the printer server to ensure that the printer server always gets an IP address

2. Click Add Entry, fill in the MAC address of the computer for which you want to reserve a static IP address in MAC Address, fill in the IP address reserved for internal LAN hosts in IP Address, and select whether this entry is effective in Status.

A corresponding entry appears in the Static Address Assignment screen when the configuration is complete.

When the DHCP server assigns an IP address to a specified host, the statically assigned IP address will be provided to the host, and other hosts will not be able to obtain a statically assigned IP address

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dhcp how to open

dhcp open method:

1, in the keyboard on the “WIN plus R” key.

2, in the run box enter “cmd”, click “OK” button.

3, in the command box, type “servicesmsc”, find the name “DHCPClient”.

4, click on “Restart”, click “Yes” to turn dhcp back on.

DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is a network protocol for local area networks. DHCP refers to a range of IP addresses that are controlled by a server, so that when a client logs on to the server, it can automatically obtain the IP address and subnet mask assigned by the server.

By default, DHCP, a service component of Windows Server, is not automatically installed by the system, and requires the administrator to manually install and configure it as necessary.

Computer dhcp service how to open

Computer is an essential part of our daily work, we may encounter do not know how to open the computer’s DHCP service, this situation is very likely that your computer is not set up to automatically obtain the IP and DNS reasons, then, the computer DHCP to open how? I came to give you a few ways:

The operation of the Dell computer as an example, the specific steps are as follows:

Method 1:

Check whether the DHCP service address pool settings are on, if the IP address is set to automatically obtain but DHCP is not on, choose to manually start the DHCP service can be resolved. If you are in a special network environment, then use a static IP address to access the Internet, and this situation will not affect normal Internet access.

Method 2:

Check whether the DHCP service has been turned on, if not, when the computer is connected to the router, the computer’s IP address is set to automatically obtain (dynamic IP), or manually open the computer and then open the Windows runtime box, and press “win” and “R”. Press “win” and “R” together, and enter services.msc in the Windows runtime box, and then click OK when you are done. Finally, find “DHCPclient” in the list, if it does not show “Status”: Started, “Startup Type”: Automatic, then you need to Double-click on “DHCPclient” to set it up.

Method 3:

Check your router to see if it’s slow or failing to find an IP address. If it is, disconnect the router and plug it back in or restore the factory settings and then reset the router again in strict accordance with the manual.

How to open the DHCP service in Win10?

The Win10 system, for example, to open the DHCP service steps are as follows:

1, on the desktop, press the Windows logo key + R key, open the Run menu window, enter “services.msc” command.

2, open the services page, select the “DHCPClient” service, double-click the service, click “Start” button.

How is dhcp turned on?

How to turn on computer dhcp is how to make your computer get IP address and DNS server address automatically without setting them manually. This makes it easy to switch between different network environments without interfering with Internet access. There are several steps to turn on dhcp on your computer:

Open the Control Panel, select Network and Sharing Center, click on Change Adapter Settings, locate the network connection you want to use (wireless or wired), right-click on it and select Properties.

In the Network Connection Properties window, double-click or click Properties Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), and in the pop-up window, check Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain a DNS server address automatically.

If your network environment supports the IPv6 protocol, you can also double-click or click Properties Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) and check the appropriate options.

Click OK to save the settings and close the window. This way, your computer is enabled for dhcp and can obtain network configuration information automatically.1

If the above methods don’t work, it may be because your computer hasn’t started the DHCPClient service, which is a system service responsible for obtaining IP addresses automatically. You can check and start this service by following these steps:

Press the Windows logo key + R on your desktop to open the Run menu window, and type the command “services.msc”.

Open the Services page and locate and double-click on the “DHCPClient” service.

In the pop-up window, check if the service status is Started, if not, click the Start button.

Also, set the Startup Type to Automatic or Automatic (Delayed Start) to ensure that the service is running every time you turn on your computer.

Click OK to close the window. This starts the DHCPClient service on your computer, and you should be able to use the dhcp feature normally.