How to follow Alipay life number it wechat

Alipay life number how to apply? The application process of Alipay Life

Merchants in Alipay want to apply for Alipay Life, how to apply? How long does it take to pass the audit? Here we will look at the detailed tutorial.

Life is Alipay’s service platform for enterprises, organizations and individual businessmen to reach users directly. The merchants can provide diversified services to the users through the life number. While realizing rapid user recruitment, fan activity and service cash flow, it also upgrades the service capability and brand influence of merchants.

1, login to Alipay Life platform, you can get the following page:

2, registered Life please use the merchant’s Alipay account (please be sure to confirm that it is a real-name authentication account) to log in, Life does not set up an additional Life account and password, with the Alipay account can log in. If the account does not have real-name authentication, the following page will appear. You can follow the instructions on the page to authenticate.

3. If the account has been certified, the following page appears and you can enter the application process. According to the reminders on the page, upload the business license and contact information.

4, the next step, configure the basic information of the life number. Here, you can fill in the name of the life number, profile, upload the enterprise logo and the background image of the life number. Please read carefully the blue mark labeled question mark, there are detailed instructions for filling in. The name and profile of Life No. should be in line with the business scope of the company, otherwise, the application may be rejected.

5. Next, fill in the account qualification information. As far as possible, add detailed information on industry qualifications and trademark use. If you are looking for a company to operate on your behalf, upload the authorization letter for your behalf here. The template can be downloaded from the page.

6. After the application is submitted, the review will be completed in 1 working day. The email address left in the application will receive the application through email from Alipay. In this way, you can start to use the life number!

7, log in to the life of the background, configure the service menu and other basic settings, you can click on the shelf. After the shelves, you can in the Alipay home page, according to the name of the life number, or the keywords contained in the profile, search to your life number.

Alipay life number opening method flow Alipay life number application conditions introduced

Alipay life number opening method flow came! Alipay launched a life number service, many users may not be very clear, the following brings Alipay life number application conditions, together with the editor to understand it!

Alipay’s life number is a recent news that many friends are more concerned about, and in various industries, are able to get a good experience, favored by a lot of users, and the opening of Alipay’s life number is also very simple, as long as the application step by step to be able to successfully pass.

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Recently many friends as well as netizens asked a lot of Alipay life number of news, I believe that the follow-up will certainly be favored by users, especially chopping a family of essential artifacts ah.

The major shopping malls and merchants will give you the latest various offers in a timely manner. Happily, both individuals and businesses can open and apply.

What is Alipay Life?

Alipay Life is a service platform that Alipay provides for businesses, organizations and individuals to reach users directly, and through which merchants can push information to users, open up transaction scenarios and manage member services.

Alipay Life opening method process:

First, enter to the life of the number to open the registration of the official address —–

Second, use Alipay account to log in the life of the number of background to open the address, you can get the following page.

To register for Life, please use the content creator’s personal (or enterprise version) Alipay account (please be sure to confirm that it is

authenticated account) to log in, Life does not set up additional Life accounts and passwords, with an Alipay account can be logged in (see the back page for details on the rules of the operator’s login).

After logging in, you will see the following confirmation page, which confirms the ownership of Life (i.e., the owner of the Alipay account):

Third, after clicking “Confirm Authorization”, if you do not have a real-name authentication of your Alipay account, the following page will appear:

Fourth, after real-name authentication, you can enter the

After submitting, Life will complete the entry audit within 5 working days, and after passing the audit, you can enter the editorial background of Life.


Where is Alipay’s small program


Core Entrance


Sweep is the entrance that almost all small programs have, and Alipay is no exception. As long as there is a corresponding small program code offline, users can enter the small program through “Sweep”.


Search is also an entrance that users are used to using. The six search portals that Alipay has can all be windows for users to retrieve small programs.

Home Top Search

Friends TAB Search

Small Programs Top Search

Alipay-Address Book-Search

Alipay-Small Programs Favorites-Search


Alipay’s Life is also one of the important entrances to the small programs. The bottom menu bar and custom menu bar will direct users to the applet.

The graphic page and detail page of Life No. can also draw traffic to the small program. In these two aspects, the display of Alipay small program and WeChat small program are more similar, both show the bound small program in the main page, and can also lead to small programs through graphic articles.

In Alipay there is a life number of small programs will basically guide you to pay attention to the life number, convenient to send you notification of activities, and the life number can also become the user’s access to the entrance to the small program, the two complement each other, together with the increase in user viscosity.


If you have a favorite app, you can also add it to your “app collection” to make it easier to open it next time.

But the small program collection is not one of the inherent applications of the home page, in every time you open the “small program collection”, Alipay will guide you to add the “small program collection” to the home page, so that the user to open the small program collection of a wider path.

But non-deep users should have a hard time finding the entrance to Small Program Favorites. How to guide users to discover and get used to using this portal is what Alipay has to worry about.

But some of Alipay’s official small programs can be opened directly on the home page even if they are not in the small program collection, such as Ant Forest and Ant Manor.

Payment Success

As a mobile payment tool, Alipay is used most definitely for payment. After each payment is completed, the payment page, in addition to red packets, rights and interests, there may also be a small program recommendation, click on the recommendation of the small program, you can also directly enter the small program.

Card coupons

If you receive the corresponding card coupons, then the card package is also able to open the corresponding small program.

Common Use Portal

Service Reminder

Alipay’s “Service Reminder” portal can directly open the apps that users have used.


And adding applets to the desktop is a very quick way to do so. The small program icon is on the desktop along with other app icons, so users can click on the desktop icon to start using the small program even if they don’t have Alipay open.

Small programs

Small programs also have their own app pages. When you open the app, you can see My Favorites, Recently Used, Recommended for You, and a scrolling rotating image.

Can be said to be the integration page of the small program, but I do not recognize Alipay’s description of this one page as five small program entrances, after all, it is just a page.

Application entrance

About these application entrances, users can find or search for the corresponding application, you can click in the application to enter the corresponding small program. Without further ado, let’s directly put the picture:

City service

Car owner service

The daily material

Alipay AR

Sesame credit

Ant member

However, the above 6 application entrances are only able to enter some of the small programs, for example, Ant member application, only able to enter the Ant forest and Ant Manor, I have to say is also a pity.

Sharing entrance

Alipay small program can also be accessed through sharing, Alipay and nail sessions, group chat can directly share Alipay small program.

And Taobao’s Taobao passwords shared to WeChat are also inherited by Alipay applets and transformed into “Zee passwords”, which can be used to enter Alipay applets by opening “Zee passwords”. The sharing image of the small program can also be recognized by third-party applications to complete the sharing.

Alipay’s small program can also be shared and spread in Weibo, click share to Weibo, the system can automatically edit the small program to the introduction for you, to help you share in Weibo.

Activity entrance

In addition to these regular entrances, Alipay has also opened some activity sharing entrances for small programs. However, Alipay has also made it clear that these activity entrances are for special events, and you have to apply to Alipay separately

Home page scrolling rotating image

Third-party services

College life

Limited-time promotion

Single entrance

And the “Daily Must Grab” applet we mentioned before is on the home page of Alipay. with a large enough entrance at the bottom. As Alipay and Taobao launched together to fight against Pinduoduo, you can see one-half of the page entrance by sliding down the Alipay homepage, and clicking on the “Daily Must Grab” area will take you directly to the app.

Egg entrance

In addition to what Alipay said, we also found an egg entrance that was never officially mentioned.

Long-pressing the close button in the upper-right corner of any applet will show you the eight most recently used applets, and tapping it will also complete the jump directly.

Alipay’s and WeChat’s small program entrances are very different. Alipay doesn’t deliberately emphasize the services of small programs, but its hugely popular Ant Forest and Ant Manor apps are silently converted to small programs. It also doesn’t have the red-hot small game category on WeChat, but the leasing apps, membership apps, and city car owner apps tied to credit scores are developing red-hot in their fixed entrances.

Of course, compared to WeChat’s small program, Alipay’s small program’s entrance is weaker in the user’s mind, and provides more limited service categories. But it also provides more reach entrances for small programs within its app, more empowering for small programs. And how to guide users to use and get used to these new entrances is what Alipay needs to consider.

Alipay how to have some life

Life skills treasure.

2, and then in the civilian life you can see the “life” option, click on it will show that we have previously added or used the life of the number.

3, if you want to add other new life, first of all in the search box above to find, for example, telecommunications life.

4, in the life of the bottom of the click on the “attention to life”, so that later we click on “friends”, and then in the upper left corner of the life of the number can quickly find these attention to the life of the number.