How to get ip address and port for wireless network

How to check your IP address on a wireless network?

1, click on the local connection.

2. Then right click and select Status-Support, it will show your IP.

Method 2: Command line method:

1, click on Start in the bottom left corner of the computer, and then in click on Run.

2, this time will pop up an input box in which to enter cmd.

3, and then click OK will appear another black edit box.

4, in the edit box, type ipconfig.

5, and then click the Enter key to see their IP.

Step 1: Click Start→Run (where windows 7 run) on the bottom left of your computer.

The second step: in the open run box, type: cmd command, as shown above, press enter and then the following dialog box appears.

Step 3: Next, type ipconfig and press enter to display your computer’s IP address. The results are shown in the figure above: where IPAddress is the IP address: here is ask is the subnet mask: the default is generally

Gateway is the default gateway: generally is the default router gateway, generally the default router is 192.168. 1.1 It should be noted here that if you are using a router to access the Internet, the IP address obtained is not the IP address of our Internet, just the local IP address assigned by the router, the IP address from the network provider to connect to our Internet access can be referred to as an extranet IP address.

There are telecom or Netcom and other network providers to allocate, is the only IP address, and we are using a router to access the Internet The IP address assigned, is not unique and can be set at your own discretion. Only the local IP address assigned by the router, the local IP can have more than one, but the external IP only one, the real Internet use only the external IP, if you do not use the router to access the Internet, directly a cable connected to the cat in, then the above lookup of the IP address will be displayed on the external IP address.

How to check the IP and port of the local wireless network

Click Start, Run, type CMD, enter, open the CMD command line window, type ipconfig/all this look at ip and mac address command

How to check the port occupancy

Start–Run–cmd go to the Command Prompt enter netstat- ano

How to view their own computer IP and port

A, view IP method:

1, open the computer [desktop], click [Start] menu, and then select [Run] (shortcut key win + R), and then enter “cmd”, press [Enter] (Enter key) or click [OK! button.

2, open the [Command Prompt] interface, in the command prompt, type “ipconfig”, and press [Enter] (Enter key) after you can clearly see their ip address. 

Two, view the port method:

Open the computer [desktop], click [Start] menu, and then select [Run] (shortcut key win + R), and then enter “cmd”, press [Enter] (Enter) or click [OK] button. After selecting the “Command Prompt”, enter the command netstat again, you can see all the links moved, which has a colon of information is all the port information.

I would like to ask how to check the router port ip address

Addresses assigned to vendors by IIT section




3Com192.168. 2.1




Digital China

To find out the IP address that is assigned to you by the router, the specific method is as follows

1, in the Start menu search box, type cmd to determine, open the command dialog box

2, and then enter the ipconfig command, click the Enter key, OK

3, pop-up information, find the default gateway, corresponding to the IP address that is!

How to set the port to get IP address information in the LAN port of the router

The steps to set the port to get IP address information in the LAN port of the router:

One, change the IP address of the LAN port of the router

Click on the “Network Parameters”-&gt. -> “LAN port settings” -> modify the “IP address”

Click the “Network Parameters” -> “WAN Port Settings” -> “WAN Port Connection Type” -> and Select “WAN Port Connection Type”: Static IP -> “IP Address”, “Subnet Mask “IP Address”, “Subnet Mask”, “Gateway”, “DNS Server”, fill in the information assigned by the company’s network administrator –> Click “Save”.

Second, configure the wireless network

1, click on the “Wireless Settings” – & gt; “Basic Settings” – ->Set “SSID number”->Check “Enable wireless function” and “Enable SSID broadcast”

2. Click “Wireless Settings” –> “Wireless Security Settings” –>Select “WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK” on the right side –>Set “PSK Password”. “–>Click “Save” at the bottom of the page.

After completing the appeal configuration, the netizen’s computer can access the Internet through the wireless router it purchased, and the cell phone can also connect to the router’s wireless network on the wireless Internet through the wireless way, so all the configurations are complete.

How to query the wireless router lan port ip address

To see the wireless router LAN port IP address, theoretically you need to log in to the wireless router’s setup page, and then in the network parameters of the LAN port settings to view or modify, but logging in to the wireless router’s setup page but need to know in advance the wireless router LAN port IP address, which seems to be a dead end, in fact, if you just want to know the router IP address does not necessarily have to log in to the router settings page. This IP address is usually printed on the bottom of the wireless router, turn the router over and you can see;

Second, if the wireless router’s default IP has been modified, you can get it in the following two ways:

1, to find a device that has been successfully connected to the wireless router, and if it is a computer, then run IPCONFIG in the command line window to see the IP address information of the network card that is connected to the router. The IP address information of the default gateway is the IP address of the wireless router; if it is a cell phone, enter the WLAN in the settings, long press the SSID number that has been connected, click Modify Networks, tap Show Advanced Settings, change DHCP to Static, and continue to scroll up the screen, you can see the IP address of the default gateway.

2. Press and hold the RESET button on the back of the router for 3-6 seconds in the powered-on state to restore the router to factory settings, at which point the router’s IP address will be restored to the default IP address printed at the bottom, but doing so will initialize all of the router’s settings, and the router must be reset in order to access the Internet, so you must be careful.