How to install fonts in wps

wps how to install fonts?

1, open “my computer (computer)”, in the address bar, type C:\WINDOWS\Fonts, open the Windows fonts folder. Then point to the left side of the “font settings”, open the font settings window.

2, in the font settings window, in the “Allow the use of shortcuts to install fonts (Advanced) (A)” box, and then click the OK button to save the settings.

3. Right-click the font file and click “Install as shortcut” to complete the installation.

4. After the installation is complete, you can see the shortcut to the font in the Font folder on the system disk. The font files are still saved in the original location.

5, first close off the wps text, and then re-open, click on the font bar on the top left, you can find the just installed fonts.

How to add fonts in WPS

Method 1:

1. Click the drop-down menu for fonts in the Start command.

3, open the cloud fonts window, you can see a lot of different fonts, most of which you have to pay to use, and only some of which are free to download. When the mouse moves to the top of the font, there will be a prompt “0 rice”, “800 rice” and “Silver Membership Exclusive” and so on. The “0 rice” is the font you can download for free.

4, click to download, download successfully, close and restart can be.

Method 2:

1, the first need to download for the font installation package, that is, fonts, after the download unzip out copy and paste into the C disk.

2, restart the WPS software click on the font, select the font just downloaded to see can be applied to the text inside.

How to add fonts in WPS

1, open “My Computer”, select “Control Panel”, and then select “Fonts”. Double-click to open the “Fonts”, there will be many font files;

2, find the need for “.ttf” format fonts where the folder, click the need for “.ttf” format, right-click, right-click. ” format, right-click, in the pop-up properties, select “Copy”;

3, switch to just open the “Fonts” folder, use the shortcut key CtrlV;

4, fonts have been loaded. Now, open a Word document, select the text, right-click, in the pop-up properties, select “Font”. In the pop-up dialog box, in the font library, select the font you need, press “OK” can be. And then to the word can type the font.

wps font how to install

wps software has always been the use of the default font, may be used for a long time a lot of users do not like it, but most people do not know how to go to the installation of their own download of new fonts, for which we have brought tutorials to look at the wps font how to install it.

wps font how to install:

1, first of all, open the wps software, and then click the bottom right corner of the “+”.

2, and then click the menu “New Document”.

3, click on the left side of the “new blank”.

4, and then click on the keyboard inside the “keypad”.

5, and finally you can choose the font you need to use.