How to open the remote desktop port

How to set a fixed port for remote desktop under win8 system|windows8 set a fixed port method for remote desktop

Windows8 system computers all have a remote desktop function, this function can help us to realize remote control very easily. However, because the port of remote desktop is the same for all our computers in Win8 system, it is a potential threat for many users. The best way is to modify this port in our Win8 computer. Next, I will share with you the specific method to set a fixed port for remote desktop under Win8 system.

Specific methods

1. First of all, we need to return to the Win8 computer’s traditional desktop location, after which we simultaneously press the Win+R shortcut key on the keyboard to open the computer’s Run window, in the open Run window, we enter regedit and click Enter.

2. In the open Registry Editor window, we bit to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\TerminalServer\Wds\rdpwd\Tds\tcp], and then double-click on the right-hand window in the PortNumber, in the decimal state to the port number you want, such as 7126 or other values.

3. After that, let’s again locate the registry to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\TerminalServer\WinStations\RDP-Tcp, and again, double-click on the right window in the PortNumber, in the decimal state to change it to the port number you want. PortNumber, in the decimal state to the port number you set (must be the same as the value we set before).

4. After that, we locate [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/services/SharedAccess/Defaults/FirewallPolicy/FirewallRules], and set the RemoteDesktop-In-TCP value containing 3389 data to [the port number you want to change], and save it, then locate [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/services/SharedAccess/Parameters/ FirewallPolicy/FirewallRules], change the value of RemoteDesktop-In-TCP that contains 3389 data to [the port number you want to change] and save it.

With the above four steps, we can modify our remote desktop fixed port under win8 system very quickly.

How to do port mapping for remote desktop connection?

1, my computer as the computer being connected by remote desktop, you need to set up the remote, open the remote desktop service. Right-click Computer – Properties – Remote Settings to open the System Properties dialog box.

2, in the System Properties – Remote tab, click to check the “Allow remote assistance to connect to this computer”, “Allow computers running any version of Remote Desktop to connect (less secure)”, and then click Apply. “When you are done, click Apply, and then OK.

3, because some versions of Remote Desktop does not allow the existence of an empty password, so you need to set a password for the user account Administrator user.

4. Click Start-Control Panel-User Accounts-Create a password for your account to create a password.

5. In Start-Run, type services.msc,

6. In Services, find the RemoteDesktopServices service, right-click Properties, and check the startup type and the service status, if the startup type is Disabled, and the startup status is Stopped, the service will be disabled. If the startup type is Disabled and the startup status is Stopped, change the startup type to Manual or Automatic and then start the service.

7. In Start-Run, type cmd, and then type ipconfig on the command line to find my computer’s intranet IP address.

8, in my computer enter进入路由器, click forwarding rules, virtual server, add a new entry in the virtual server,

9, and then enter the service port number 3389 and the IP address:, click save.

10, in my computer Baidu IP, check their own export IP.

11, the external computer click Start-Run, enter mstsc click OK, open the remote desktop connection client.

12, enter my computer’s exit IP, because the port defaults to 3389, so you can omit it, click OK, you can see my computer’s desktop.

13, and finally enter my user account password and click Login, you can remote desktop connection to my computer.

Win8.1 system how to open the remote desktop 3389 | Win8.1 system to open the remote desktop 3389 method

This article tutorial shares win8.1 system how to open the remote desktop 3389, Windows8.1 remote desktop by default is turned off by the system, if you need to use the remote desktop function needs to be manually turned on their own, the startup of the very general default port is 3389, and open remote desktop 3389 method is relatively simple, interested or in need of users can look at win8.1 system to open remote desktop 3389 method. Previously, I introduced a win8 system to modify the remote desktop 3389 port number method.

Specific methods are as follows:

1, right-click on the computer – Properties – Advanced System Settings – Remote, you can see the following screen;

2, will be “allowed to connect to the computer remotely” on the check box can be.

Special reminder: When using Remote Desktop, it is best to set a password for your computer account so that it is more secure. Then run – type CMD to open the command prompt – type ipconfig to write down your IP address OK. if you use a router in Baidu search ip and write down your ip address.

Connect: Run – mstsc – Open Remote Desktop Connection Enter the ip of the computer you want to connect to and the account password to connect to Windows 8.1.

The above tutorial content on the Win8.1 system to open the remote desktop 3389 method, the need for users can master, quickly share this method to the friends around you.

What port do I need to open to connect to a remote desktop?

Connecting to a remote desktop requires the opening of port 3389. x0ax0a Generally, after the Web server is placed on the public network, some in order to facilitate remote operation, so open the remote desktop connection. This is very insecure, hackers in the scanning server opened port 3389 after many are using this port to launch attacks. In order to reduce the risk and want to use the remote desktop connection, a relatively simple method is to modify the remote desktop link port 3389. x0ax0a Remote Desktop Terminal Service default port is “3389”, in order to prevent others from malicious connections, you need to change the default port. To do this, open the registry editor (run regedit) and expand the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\x0aCurrentControlSet\Control\TerminalServer\Wds\rdpwd\Tds\tcp” branch, under the “PortNumber” key. PortNumber” key value corresponds to the port number, change it. After the above settings are completed, you need to expand the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Controlx0a\TerminalServer\WinStations\RDP-Tcp” branch, also under the “PortNumber” key value to change. For example, you can change the port to 8080, or to 443 or other ports, which can mislead hackers to think that this is the port of the proxy server or HTTPS port. x0a So how to connect to the remote desktop after modifying the port? In fact, it is very simple, in the IP followed by a colon and then with the port can be good. For example: