How to Program Advantech Motion Control Cards

Motion control card to use

General motion control card with their own programming software, the purchase of the control card when the manufacturer will provide a full set of software and methods of use, the program is written after compiling and downloading to the controller to run on it. I do not know what you mean by the control of soft armor, general program downloaded to the controller to run after the user is through the touch screen to interact with the controller, in which case it is also necessary to write a display interface, interface program programming environment is provided by the touch screen manufacturers, the use of which is also relatively simple.

Bought a four-axis motion control card, control two axes, in addition to automatic operation, but also want to use the handwheel to adjust the machine, the handwheel trial function how to use programming to achieve?

Generally, they are equipped with a hand-cranked pulse generator, the motion control card has a specialized interface, such as X5, four-axis, then you need eight lead interface, the card according to the hand-cranked pulse generator pulses and frequency to control the motor’s movement distance and speed. 。。。。。。 Programming control, you need to look at the manual of the control card, there are special functions 。。。。。。

Programming to achieve the words, I think of a way, that is, call the move function to specify that the card to go one or more pulses, manually, it is constantly calling this function, you can use VC to compile an interface to achieve this function. Set up a click button, click it once and call that function to make the motor go a distance 。。。。。

Finally, the cards usually come with debugging software 。。。。。。

What is Advantech Motion Control Card g code

Advantech Motion Control Card g code is the most widely used computer numerical control (CNC) programming language. g code is mainly used to control automated machine tools in computer-aided manufacturing. g code commands are at the heart of CNC machine tool machining, and the function code is represented by the letter G and a two-digit integer (e.g. G01, G02).

Panasonic A5 servo motor (built-in 17-bit absolute encoder) + servo drive + Advantech motion control card how to carry out closed-loop control?

Closed-loop control is realized for the motor to finally realize the movement in, plus encoder feedback, received control.

Simple example, your motor to drive a platform movement, in the platform on the side of the grating to do real-time feedback, received control, do closed-loop.

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