How to remove all icons from desktop shortcuts

How to remove computer shortcut icons

1. Remove the method as follows: search for shortcuts. Open my computer or this computer, search for shortcuts. Right click on the arrow option, click on the name of your shortcut. Click Delete to complete the removal of the shortcut.

2. You can follow these steps to solve the problem: Search for shortcuts. Open My Computer or This Computer and search for shortcuts. Right click on the arrow option and click on the name of your shortcut. Click Delete and you’re done removing shortcuts.

3, Windows 10 system point desktop anywhere right-click, select Personalization, select the left side of the menu theme, the right side of the relevant settings to find the desktop icon settings, do not want to remove the hook on the invisible.

How to delete shortcut icons

How to delete shortcut icons:

Product name: ASUS

Product model: ASUS U4700I

System version: Windows 10

1. Click on the computer to delete the shortcut’s icon.

2. Right-click on the icon and select Delete.

3. Click to select the icon you want to delete.

4. Click delete on the keyboard to delete.


1. Click on the icon on your computer that you want to delete the shortcut.

2. Right-click on the icon and select Delete.

3. Click to select the icon you want to delete the shortcut.

4. Click delete on the keyboard to delete.

Computer shortcut icon how to delete

Question 1: How to batch delete the computer desktop shortcut icon way 1. mouse select all households right-click to select delete

2. press ctrl mouse to select one by one, right-click to select delete

3. select the desktop blank, ctrl + a, right-click to select delete

above the deletion of can also be achieved through the keyboard’s del<

If you use shift+del, it is a complete deletion, there is no trash can

To find the right-click to select a program icon, send it to the desktop shortcut

Question 2: How to remove the shortcut icon under the screen of the computer screen right-click on the screen under the horizontal bar, Properties, show the shortcut to start the front of the hook to remove, OK.

Question 3: How to delete a lot of shortcut icons on the desktop to delete?1, first of all, to confirm that the shortcut is connected to the target address of the software still exists, you can right-click, select “Properties”, the pop-up box of the “Target!

2, if the target address does not exist, prompted to delete the shortcut is normal, because there is no such target, so this shortcut is useless, to delete.

3, if the target address exists, it indicates that the computer is poisoned, the use of antivirus software for antivirus repair system, if not, we have to reinstall the system.

4, if the reinstallation of the system is still the case, it shows that the virus is not only in the C disk, the other disk also have, need to format all the disk drive, and then reinstall the system.

Question 4: How to batch delete shortcuts on computer 1.Mouse select all, right-click and select delete

2.Press ctrl mouse to select one by one, right-click and select delete

3.Select the desktop blank, ctrl+a, right-click and select delete

Question 5: How to get rid of the shortcut icons in the left corner of the desktop of the computer? box? Install an optimizer! It has this option in it!

Question 6: How to delete multiple computer desktop icons Hold ctrl+chift and click on the start delete icon, then click on the last icon to select them all, and right click to delete them! If you want to selectively delete, hold ctrl, click on multiple icons to delete, right click to delete! Don’t let go of the key you are holding down during the operation! Hope to adopt! Thanks!

Question 7: How do I delete all the shortcuts on my computer’s D drive? Build a batch


Take the above command and save it in notepad as “Delete Shortcuts.bat”

Pay attention to the type of save and select all types

After saving, put this file on the D drive and double-click on it. If you want to delete all the shortcuts under a certain directory, put this file under that directory, this code will delete all the shortcuts under the same level directory and all the subdirectories

Note: Don’t put it in your C drive, because it will delete all the shortcuts. This command has a certain degree of danger, if you are not sure, it is best not to use

Question 8: computer desktop, my computer shortcut icon was accidentally deleted by me how to get out If you need to set the system icon (such as [My Computer], etc.) can be set up in this way:

Right-click on the desktop ¡ú [Properties] ¡ú [Desktop] ¡ú [Customize Desktop] ¡ú [General 】→Tick 【My Computer】 icon → OK radical

Start → Control Panel → 【Desktop】→【Customize Desktop】→【General】→Tick 【My Computer】 icon → OK

Question 9: How to cancel the selected shortcut icon on the computer more to give you a bit of knowledge ha see your computer icon and the shadows of the bar points to me it

1, the right-click My Computer – Properties – Advanced – Performance – Settings – Visual Effects – Customize the desktop for the icon labels to use the shadow tick

2, right-click on the desktop -Arrange Icons -Lock Web items on the desktop to remove the small tick

3, right-click on the desktop -Properties -Desktop -Customize Desktop -Web, in addition to the “current home page” in addition to all the items deleted, remove all the small hooks, including the lock desktop items, determine the application.

4, start running g stareedit.msc

User Configuration-Administrative Templates-Desktop-ActiveDesktop

Enable ActiveDesktop is set to disabled

Disabled ActiveDesktop set to enable

Problem 10: There are a lot of 1kb shortcuts inside the computer how to delete ah This is your computer “lost” or “mistakenly deleted” the The “system files”, or “system files” by the disease

Toxin and “stubborn” Trojan horse “damage”. “I’ll give you 8 ways:

(Answer original, strictly prohibited from stealing, such as similarity, pure cottage!)

(Tip: 360 first aid box can not be networked, the first use: (5) network repair, restart the computer)

1. Download a: “360 system first aid box”! (Safe mode, networked use, better results!)

(Note: has installed the “360 Security Guard” friends, directly open the “Trojan Cloud Kill”,

Click: fast scanning, scanning the end of the center: no problem, please use the 360 first aid kit, click! Click on it!)

(1) first point: “Start First Aid” to kill the virus, delete, “reboot immediately”!

(2) After reboot, click “File Recovery”, select all, click “Delete Files Completely” and “Doubtful Self-Startup Items”!

(3) Tap “System Repair”, “Select All”, and then “Repair” files immediately!

(4) and then click on: “dll file recovery”, scanning, if not on the line, if there is lost, add

add recovery, manually add, immediate recovery!

(5) Tap: “Network Repair”, tap: “Start Repair”, restart the computer!

2. Use “360 security guards” in the “system repair”, click on “use 360 safe site navigation”, and then

“Select all”, “a key to repair”!

3. Use “36 attack security guard” of “scanning plug-ins”, and then “clean plug-ins”, remove it!

4. Then use “360 antivirus dual-engine version”, check the “automatic processing of scanned virus threats”, with “full

scan” and “custom scan”. The “customized scan”, sweep out the virus Trojan horse, and then click to remove it!

After restarting your computer, you will come to the “Quarantine Zone” and click “Delete completely”!

5. Use 360 Security Guard’s “Trojan Cloud Kill” to scan the whole disk, and then “customize the scan”!

Sweep out the Trojan horse or malicious virus program, point to delete!

After restarting your computer, come to the “quarantine area” and click “completely remove”!

How to remove desktop icon shortcuts

Many software in the installation will default to create a shortcut on the desktop, after the installation of more of these software will lead to too many things on the desktop is very ugly, then how to remove the desktop icon shortcuts it.

How to remove desktop icon shortcuts:

1, in fact, we just want to delete the desktop icon right-click.

2, and then click “delete” can be. This method will not affect the use of software, feel free to delete.

3, of course, we can also directly drag the unwanted desktop icons to the Recycle Bin.

4, then right-click the Recycle Bin, select “Empty Recycle Bin” can be.

5, if we just want to remove the small arrows of the shortcuts you can see the tutorial in the extended reading.

Note: Removing desktop shortcuts does not uninstall the software.

How to remove the shortcut icon on your cell phone desktop?

To cancel a shortcut on your phone’s desktop, you can try the following methods:

1. Long-press the shortcut icon: Find the shortcut icon on your phone’s desktop that you want to cancel, and long-press it and keep it pressed. In the pop-up menu, you may see an option to “Delete”, “Cancel” or “Remove”. Drag the icon over the option to cancel the shortcut.

2. Drag the icon to the trash or delete area: Some phones may have a trash or delete area on the desktop where you can drag the shortcut icon to remove it. Please note that not all phones support this method of operation.

3. Edit desktop: Some phone desktops support customization and editing functions, you can enter desktop editing mode to cancel the shortcut function. Press and hold a blank space on the desktop, or pinch the desktop with both fingers to enter edit mode, then you can select the icon of the shortcut you want to cancel and drag it to a designated area, such as the trash can or “Remove” area.

Please note that this may work differently on different phone brands and models. The above methods work on most Android phones, but may vary by phone model and system version. If the above methods do not work on your phone, we recommend that you consult your phone’s user manual or contact your phone manufacturer’s customer support for more precise instructions.