How to set hard disk read/write speed limit for cell phones

When reading and writing data, the hard disk heads will go back and forth across the platters looking for a magnetic track, which creates that pesky “squeak” and “click” sound.

🔊Hard disk rattling under normal circumstances

Normally, hard disk rattling occurs only when the hard disk has a data read/write operation, and the rattling sound is relatively even, but there is no regularity, and the hard disk indicator light will follow the blinking.

🔍Hard disk rattling abnormal performance

When the hard disk rattling sound abnormal, it may be a sign of hard disk failure. For example, if you repeatedly hear the accelerating and decelerating sound of the hard disk spindle motor, there may be a problem with the power supply; if you hear a strong and cyclical clicking sound accompanied by a decrease in the speed of reading and writing data, or even the inability to read and write data, there may be a problem with the hard disk tracing circuit.

How do I speed up the read/write speed of my hard disk? Is there any setting speed?

1, C drive only install the system, D drive to install the use of the program

2, often clear the system junk files and reduce the startup items, will not if you use the 360 Security Guard

3, a weekly file defragmentation

This is not to speed up the hard disk, but read and write is still improved.