How to use the rank function to rank in descending order

Excel what function can be sorted on the data, Excel how to rank the data?

Excel table on the data to rank the operation of the tutorial:

1. First of all, the need to rank the form to open, view the data, here with the results of the ranking as an example of the demonstration, find the data column.

2. Then use the RANK ranking function, see there are three parameters, number, ref, order that is, value, reference, sorting.

Behold the good data (such as chart results in C2-C8), and then enter the first parameter to fill in C2, the second parameter is to select all the data (as shown in the form of fill in), and the third is the order of the order, 0 for the descending order, for the ascending order. (Here for the results so choose descending.)

Often we feel that this must be on the line, but pull down the cell after the discovery of nothing, it should be noted that the data corresponds to a specific row and column, to prevent the offset of the data, the data corresponds to the grid plus “$”.

The formation of the number of strings as shown.

3. Finally, then pull down the data can be. This will complete the ranking of excel data.

The next several advanced methods:

Select the function = SUM (– (FREQUENCY (C $ 2:C $ 8, IF (C $ 2:C $ 8 & gt; = C2, C $ 2:C $ 8)) & gt; 0))

can be selected with the data selection of the above method.

Select the pivot table can be quickly ranked, the version of different operations can be different. In the insertion of the pivot table, select the region of their data form can be.

The above is the use of Excel forms for data sorting operations, no matter how many data, this set up a good function, pull down a row out, and then ranked data on the ascending or descending order can be.