How to write a dynamic web designer job posting

How to write a job posting

Writing a job posting: 1, title. The title can be written “job announcement”, “recruitment”, “sincerely employ” and so on, concise and clear. Can also be slogans, slogans type of title, this title can attract people’s attention. 2, the beginning. In the beginning of the recruitment notice to describe the reasons for recruitment, so as to lead to the body of the recruitment notice, including the introduction, introduction type, argumentative, etc. 3, the body. The body needs to list the recruitment of positions, job requirements, the number of treatment and benefits, etc. 4, the way to apply. Apply for the way is divided into direct interviews and interviews after the application, the enterprise needs to leave the company address, contact phone number, e-mail and other contact information. 5, specify the time. Recruitment deadline, interview time and so on.

How to write a job posting to make it attractive?

Writing job information must be concise and clear, the core content can be reflected.

1, title: you can write “job announcement”, “sincerely”, etc., concise and clear. It can also be a slogan, slogan-style title, this title can attract attention, with a certain temptation. 2, the beginning: the reason for the recruitment of narrative, so as to lead to the main body of the recruitment notice. 3, the body: the list of recruitment of professional or post, requirements, number and treatment, etc..

Nowadays, people who are looking for a job are very busy, they don’t have so much time and patience to read such a long message. Recruitment information to write such a long, not only let the reader bored, at the same time, you want to show the core content will be some useless information will be drowned, this is really a thankless thing. So we write job information must be concise and clear, the core content can be reflected.

Introduction of Recruitment

Recruitment refers to the recruitment and hiring of workers and staff for work. In the capitalist system, recruitment of workers is based on the principle of free competition. Capitalists recruit talents with high salaries, or recruit ordinary employees by other means to subject them to slavery and oppression, and these phenomena reflect a side of capitalism. After the founding of New China, the recruitment of workers in China was based on the needs of the national production plan, and the state insisted on the principle of unified allocation of labor force, and no unit was allowed to recruit workers privately.

In 1951, the Ministry of Labor published the Provisional Regulations on the Recruitment of Workers in Different Places, stipulating that the recruitment of workers must abide by a certain system and go through certain formalities, and that the recruiter and the recruited person should enter into a labor contract stipulating the wages, treatment, working hours, probationary period, and the travel expenses of those who were recruited to faraway places and the settling-in expenses, and should be filed with the local labor administrative organs. In recent years, the recruitment of workers, basically still use the above approach.

Some stipulate that candidates must undergo a business assessment, interviews, and recruitment on the basis of merit and approval by the higher authorities, and then formally recruited after a six-month probationary period.

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