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How to cancel photo sound on Samsung cell phone

I am very sorry, Samsung S5830 model does not support to eliminate key sound.

For more information about Samsung products and detailed model information, please visit Samsung’s official website and click on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner to enter the model number.

How to turn off camera sound on Samsung galaxygearv700?


According to your description, Samsung galaxygear can’t turn off the camera sound

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How to download songs from your cell phone’s music player????

The method of downloading songs to local music is as follows:

1, first of all, open your phone’s music software, and then download some songs.

2, after downloading, open the file management of the phone, find music or audio to open.

3, finally enter the music software, import local music can be.

Mobile music player is a kind of multimedia playback software used to play all kinds of music files on the phone. It covers a variety of music format playback tools, such as: the phone comes with a player, MP3 player, WMA player, MP4 player, etc. The main formats supported by the cell phone music player are MP3, WMA, AAC, AAC +, MID, AMR, OGG, MP4, FLAC, etc. They run in the cell phone, not only the interface is beautiful, but also easy to operate, take you into a perfect music space.

Commonly used players include DuoMi Music and so on. DuoMi Music supports online and local playback, connects to the network via GPRS or WIFI, and allows you to have millions of songs on your phone, and you can download songs to your phone, so that music is everywhere.


What to do if you can’t set the ringtone on your cell phone. Samsung gt19308

Hello Samsung users:

According to your description, if your phone can’t set the ringtone for incoming calls, we suggest that you:

1. Try to set the ringtone again, go to Settings-Sound-Ringtone

(Customize the ringtone for incoming calls: create a new folder ringtones in SD card, put the songs into this folder, Settings-Sound-Volume-Ringtone)

2. Try to set the ringtone using the music player that came with the phone. (customize ringtones: create a new folder ringtones in SD card, put the songs in this folder, go to settings-sound-volume-ringtones)

2. Use your phone’s own music player to open the music, and try to set it as the ringtone for the incoming call by long press on the music.

3. If you still can’t set the ringtone, please open Settings-Application Manager-Menu Key-Reset Application Preferences.

4. Backup the important data of the phone to restore the factory settings to try: Settings – Reset – Restore Factory Settings

If the problem still exists after the above operation, we recommend you to bring the purchase invoice, three packs of vouchers and the phone to the local Samsung service center by the engineer test. For the address and contact information of the service center, please visit: http://support-cn.samsung.com/support/ServiceLocations.asp

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