ppt text box alignment how to set up a neat

ppt text box how to center alignment?

The method of centering the text box in PPT:

1, selected the newly added text box, in the upper when the menu bar pops up the text tool option, find the center alignment function button, first of all, the text box of the text box of the word in the text box alignment;

2, click on the menu bar of the Drawing Tools, to find the Align function button;

3, click on the drop-down arrow to the right of the alignment button, in the pop-up drop-down menu, select Relative to Slide;

4, click on the drop-down menu to the right of the alignment button, in the pop-up drop-down menu, respectively, select Horizontal and Vertical Centering can make the text box center.

PPT how to align the text box

office is the most commonly used in the work of learning life of a software, which PPT can quickly a large amount of information, through a short way to show to the crowd, is a very good use of the display software, so today I’ll bring you PPT tips on how to align the text box.

First, we open the PPT software, wps and office can be. After entering the software we hold down the Ctrl key plus n, create a new PPT template, as shown below.

After the new template, we click on the top of the Insert, and then select the text box, select Insert Horizontal Text Box can be, as shown below.

After selecting Insert Text Box, we enter the contents of the text box, any input content can be, and then copy the text box four out, as shown below.

After copying the text box, we hold down the Ctrl key, and then click on the five text boxes in turn, then five text boxes are selected, as shown in the following chart

After selecting the five text boxes, the formatting will be activated above. Then we click on Arrange ~ Align, you can see the left alignment, left and right center, right alignment and other alignment methods, as shown in the figure below.

Then we proceed to the top alignment, top alignment to our selection of a text box as the basis for the top alignment, as shown in the figure below.

After the top alignment, we continue to right-click the alignment, alignment, select the horizontal distribution. Horizontal distribution is to adjust the horizontal spacing of each text box, so that they are evenly distributed horizontally, as shown in the figure below.

Will be horizontally aligned, we can continue to right-click on any text box, and then select the combination, you can combine the five text boxes, so that you can easily move the text box to the center of the PPT page, as shown in the following chart.

Well, today’s PPT tips on how to align the text box, have you learned? If you want to better master the PPT, it is best to learn more and more practice.

ppt how to set the different text boxes as a whole, so that it appears as a whole

1, all the text boxes selected in full, and then right-click the combination. Or set the animation to appear at the same time.

2, approach one, hold down the ctrl key, the text box selected – right-click – combination; approach two, box. Move the mouse outside the document, press the left mouse button, drag inside the document; approach three, ctrl + a select all.

3, as if there is no “layout” toolbar. You can select the text box, open the “Set Text Box Format” dialog box, in the “Position” tab set the “horizontal” and “vertical” position. “position.

4, open a PPT file on the computer, click on the menu bar above the option “Insert/Text Box” to insert two text boxes, and then enter the text content. Then hold down the ctrl key while selecting the two text boxes, you can see that the two text boxes are now independent.