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html templates

1, the code in the ASP file


pencat=replace(pencat, “t_title”,n_title)

pencat=replace(pencat, “t_author”,n_author)

pencat=replace(pencat, “t_content”,n_content)


Setfout= ((fpath&””&fname))


2. The template of the page to be generated is given below:



<metahttp-equiv=”” Content-Language””content=””zh-cn””>


& lt;metaname=””GENERATOR””content=””MicrosoftFrontPage4.0″”>


<title> & lt;/title>



<tableborder=””0″” width=””760″” height =””100%”” background=””””>


<tdwidth=””752″” height=””10″” colspan=””3″”>

<palign=””center”” & gt;t_title





< divalign=””center””>




Author:</font>& lt;fontcolor=””#990000″”>t_author</font>


Join time:</font><fontcolor=””#990000″”& gt;t_date</font>





<tdwidth=”” 15%”” height=”” 100%””valign=””top””>




</ td>





& lt;/body>


3. Explanation


pencat is a string variable.

(“m_content”).Value is all the HTML characters of the page template as in 2, above

(2)pencat=replace(pencat, “t_title”,n_title)

pencat=replace(pencat, “t_ author”,n_author)

pencat=replace(pencat, “t_content”,n_content)

The above three sentences is the string in the string will be replaced by the content you need, that is, dynamically obtained in ASP.

(3) Setfso=(“”)



The above is the combination of the web page just obtained from the process of writing the code to a file. The first sentence defines the fso file, the second sentence creates the output stream file, where fpath is the path to the file you want to store, and fname is the filename; the last two sentences write the string to the file and close the output stream file.

How to make html templates

Make a page with dreamweaver, do the layout.

With photoshop, firework and so on to do the picture can be.

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HTML format web page template how to use

images to put pictures of


style modify the style

layout web page layout framework

point home page is good!

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There are what do not have to write code can be easily produced to generate HTML5 page tools

HTML5 page production tools, broadly divided into two categories: HTML5-based website tools and mobile APP tools (of course, there are some other, such as WeChat public number based on, etc., will also be introduced below).

First of all, a total of personal feelings

1. HTML5-based tools website: more powerful, single-page operation is stronger, can complete a variety of interactive effects of the page; but some times there will be operation “failure” phenomenon, such as uploading pictures failed, click save failed, failed to generate. The reason you know~

2. Mobile tool APP: compared to the tool site, it seems to be more smooth, there are a lot of templates to use, production is simple and fast; but stuck in the existing templates, so that a single page will not have a large space for operation, thus unable to realize the DIY interactive effects.

The following development of each of the tools used it

HTML5-based tool site:

[Rabbit show]

Pros: the degree of page DIY is high, the realization of dynamic effects is also easy and convenient to create a more capricious H5 page.

Disadvantages: the screen interface size can not be adjusted, the uploaded map will be disproportionate; generated to the size of the screen page will exist on the phenomenon of stretching.

(This figure is intended to illustrate that the size of the uploaded pictures are the default size of the website itself, not the size of the pictures themselves, which is not conducive to the adjustment of the user)

[MAKA.im] can be edited in a specific way, a single page with high operability, there are two editing modes for novices (with templates) and high-level (without templates); the flip effect is much more than the rabbit show, and the templates are also a bit more powerful.

[Jugo Interactive Magazine]

Pros: one of the most simple and easy to use tool, according to the prompts to add step by step, a total of 4 steps, and finally generate a micro-magazine. More stable compared to other online tools.

Disadvantages: at present did not try to pass the production of a single page on the interactive effects, did not find the entrance to open the pro function.


Pros: like flash online version, powerful, can create HTML5 animation. Suitable for people with animation foundation for demo creation.

Disadvantages: need animation production foundation; work interface response time is long; seems to be only share to twitter, Facebook, google+, tumblr?


Gimmick is PPT to HTML5 tool, perfect compatibility with PPT, can create Html5 mobile courseware.

However, at the moment I can only connect to a VPN and then use Safari to open the website link.

[Show Production]

Pros: Easy layout, fast production, stable broadband.

Disadvantages: the display of pictures and text on a variety of screens did not do a good job of adapting; can not be edited to adjust the position of the text in the template.

Mobile Tools APP:

[First Page]

Pros: high quality templates, high efficiency when editing templates, simple and fast operation, the effect and experience in the production of H5 pages inside the APP tool is considered outstanding.

Disadvantages: single-page operability is low, only supports the use of templates.

[Quick Invitation] Quickly create invitations

Pros: easy to get started, time-saving and efficient, easy to count.

Disadvantages: the page is simple, can only choose the inherent template to create text and add pictures.

[Easy Enterprise Show] Mobile Scene Marketing Butler for Small and Medium Enterprises

Pros: Applying templates, creating fast, used for enterprise introduction and product recommendation. With powerful promotion statistics, customer management functions. Well, it should be praised here.

Cons: can only use templates, low degree of DIY; statistics need to be further confirmed whether the accuracy of the statistics, so far it seems that there may be missing data phenomenon (in a small test, the number of statistics to the number is smaller than it should be).

[Micro-post]: create H5 page through WeChat public number

Advantages: create a simple page directly within the public number of the cell phone, according to the prompts to create can be, brainless convenient and quick.


The H5 page made by the tool website, focusing on the customization of the interaction scheme of the individual pages, with a high degree of DIY, relatively long time, and subject to bandwidth factors, so it affects the operation;

The H5 page made by the tool APP, focusing on the efficiency of the current template, and thus a lower degree of DIY for a single page, and the interaction effect is limited.

JetBrainsPhpStorm how to hit the keyboard on a html5 template out I watch a video doc after a html5 template how to get there

In html type: html:5 + Tab , you can quickly generate the above code snippet. It is recommended to look at the official documentation of zencode, and then take a look at the livetemplate in phpstorm (to create their own code snippets),

look at the adoption

1, PHPstorm shortcuts:

IntelliJ-Idea shortcuts

Ctrl+/ or Ctrl+Shift+/ comment (// or /*…*/ )




Delete Row


Copy Row


Find Line


Code moves up/down.

F2 or Shift+F2

Highlight errors or warnings to locate them quickly

Write code, press Tab

Generate code

Highlight text, press Ctrl+Shift+F7

Highlight all of that text, press Esc to highlight away.


Quickly open the class or method at the cursor


Recently Opened Files


Find where the code is


Format the code


Replace text


Find text


Hints for method parameters


Copy path


Copy relevant data including Path and line


Paste from history


Delete whole line


New line


New line in front of the current one New line in front of current line

2. zencoding – enter the abbreviation on the left, and then press the tab key, it’s ok, phpstorm fully supports zencoding


html5 structure


Introducing css

script. src

Introducing js


Inserting js in html


ul and a li


<a href=”http://” ></a>





get form


hidden input box








head plus link<


Two p


3 p


Creating an ul with a li with classes of item1, item2.


postion, combination available pos:s|a|r|f


top, combination a auto


right. Combination a












display combinations available n|b|i|ib













0 0 0 #000;

How to create and use HTML templates in Ultraedit

When we use Ultraedit to edit HTML files, if we use HTML templates it will speed up the editing. So how to create and use HTML templates in Ultraedit? I’ll share it with you below.




First of all, we open the Ultraedit software, and then switch to the Edit menu, click on the Insert Template below the Modify Template option, as shown in the following figure


Next in the Modify Template interface pops up in the template group drop-down box to select the HTML option, as shown in the following figure


Then we click the plus button in the lower left corner to add a new template, as shown below


Next, in the Templates panel, give a name to the new template, as shown below


And then we select the new template, and in the Content panel, enter the HTML content that you want to quickly insert, as shown below, where I entered the syntax structure of the HTML


Next we go back to the Ultraedit software, click on the File menu in the upper left corner, and then select New


Then in the Save As interface that pops up, select the newly created file type as HTML, as shown below


Then we switch to the Coding menu at the top, click on the Code Template, and in the drop-down box, select the template that we just created template, as shown below


Finally, we will see the new HTML page has been quickly inserted into the new template content, as shown below

How to make a web page template

First of all, you need to understand the process of web page production:

1, web designers (mainly with PS) will first design the web page.

2, for web production, that is, slicing, div + css layout, the picture into a web page.

3, background production. You can develop your own, you can also use cms, such as dedecms, phpcms. etc.

4, the specific steps are this. Detailed involved in some of the technology, is html, div + css, js, (jquery, js framework).

The background is currently popular PHP language. These are the foundation

5, need to learn, html, div + css, js (jquery), php and so on.

Tutorial site, Baidu “W3C”, you can

If you just make templates, then learn html, div + css, js (jquery) can be a web page template is just a web page of the module, in order to facilitate the web page editor can quickly import the module, and edit the content inside. and edit the content inside to save time. To create a web template, you need to know the most basic web page production methods. For example, after conceptualizing the structure of the website, you can use the webpage creation software “dreamwearer” to make borders, design the framework and layout, then insert pictures and input text and other media content. Then you can save as a template.

zendstudio how to quickly generate html templates when php files?

With DWcs3 is better to use, but write php code, you can use aptana or zendstudio, at first, then you can write in the DW to write a good html page, it is best to get into the habit of trying to write the code under the code, what you see is what you get as long as it is used in the selection of the elements on the line. Later, if you learn the template engine, you will find that the studio development php is a good choice, you can use the initial dw, I am so over