Small program mall template free download site

Mall small program how to build?

Mall small program how to build?

Step 1: Register for WeChat Small Programs and WeChat Pay Merchant Numbers

Visit扫码登录微信公众号, click on “Small Program Management” in the left column, and then click on “Quickly Register and Certify Small Program” to the next step; fill in the form according to the requirements to complete the registration.

Step 2: Choose the type of production

In the market, most of the WeChat small programs are developed using templates, which are more suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Step 3: Utilize a third-party development platform

Log in to the third-party development platform to register, the general platform, will provide a free trial function, you can try the background functions.

Step 4: shelving goods

Before shelving goods, first “product classification”, the product classification settings are complete, start “publish goods”.

Step 5: store decoration

Before the goods on the shelves, start store decoration, drag and drop the left side of the basic components to the cell phone box, the right side of the component settings, settings are complete, click submit, submit the completion of the cell phone box will be able to see the effect of the display. After all the components are built, click “Save and Publish”, set your store as homepage, and click “Publish”.

Step 6: One-click Publishing

The process of one-click Publishing is as follows: Authorization – Publishing Small Program – Submit for Review – Passed – Formal Publishing.

Submitted to the WeChat official audit, audit passed, and then click on the “official release” button, WeChat official audit passed, you can officially online. After the official launch, after a while, search the name of the small program, you can search for your small program.

Making mall small program conditions

Where the mall class small program, the production must have a business license to be able to.

If it is a food industry, you must have a food license.

How can an individual develop a small program?

Since the subject asked this question, it proves that the subject should not be engaged in programming and development. That development of small programs, it is recommended to go to the use of third-party platforms. Third-party platforms are basically visual editing machine tools to generate small programs, do not need you to know programming knowledge, either apply the template, or drag and drop can generate small programs, convenient and fast. Here is not much to say, recommend a good third-party platform: there is a cloud. They seem to have a free version. You can take a look.

WeChat small program production and development methods are mainly three, you can choose according to their actual needs:

1, small program template development, for those who want to quickly on-line, standardized functionality needs, you can buy a small program templates can be simple and fast to build a small program mall, of course, there is an official website of the small program template, the community group purchasing program templates, the small program templates of take-out ordering program And so on.

2, small program custom development, looking for professional small program development company for small program customization, tailor-made small program, project development is completed after the delivery of the source code.

3, self-development, for friends who know the programming code can be based on their own small program development documents for small program development


Is there a free applet?

There are.

There are quite a few third-party service platforms that play word games, and in fact only have a trial period (usually only 7 days) where you can use it for free, and then turn all the features off when it expires. A portion of the people who have used the 7 days are not willing to watch the small program shut down, so they are just set up to say that it is free, it seems to be no problem, just a little shorter time.

The word game can be used for more than just time, it can also be used for features. Can only use a part of the function (such as blog small program), no mall function and no payment system, the function of simple small program free is normal. But this type of small program does not meet the needs of most people.

After finishing the set, let’s talk about the real free small program mall opening method, find a third party that provides free small program development tools, such as: light stack.

No need to download, online can be used, nearly 30 components completely open to use.

Bid farewell to the set of

-No “trial” traps, small program after the opening of support for self-service extension, you can always use for free.

-No “part of the function” trap, all the functions are open to use, full-featured and powerful.

Individual merchants to generate a small program

If you are an individual, you can choose to open link small program, individual merchants to immediately generate their own small program mall, and you can immediately start to use it, 20 minutes or so on the shelves of the successful goods and carry out the whole network sales.

Enterprise merchants to generate a small program

Opening a small program mall is divided into three steps, registering a small program, making a small program, publishing a small program.

The first step: register the small program

There are many ways to register the small program, you can register on your own, support the reuse of the public qualification registration, but also support the use of the light stack “green channel” method free of 300 authentication fee to register

The second step: make the small program

Published in the [e-commerce system], the small program will be released to the public in the future. >Publish goods in the [e-commerce system], click immediately start publishing goods, fill in the commodity information, the only required items are the name of the commodity, commodity classification, commodity inventory unit and price.

Enter the Light Stack [DesignLab] , after choosing any theme – right-click to edit, right-click to edit can be a lot of settings, so that your mall is more beautiful, more functional.

Different components can be used in any combination to easily build a small program for you.

Marketing plug-ins can also be added at will to meet the needs of merchants.

This is only the mall type of small program, in different systems to create content, you can publish different types of small programs.

Step 3: Publish a small program with one click

Drop down to select the small program home page and click publish. As long as the content of the applet is created, you can publish the form applet, appointment mall applet, knowledge payment applet, blog system applet, e-atlas applet, etc. with one click.

Individual merchants and enterprise merchants can easily open the applet, follow this tutorial step by step operation can be achieved.

Are there templates for small programs?


Development of WeChat small program first determine the needs, and then determine the development method.

The first, template small program, this development price is relatively low, generally a few thousand to ten thousand, the good thing is that the operation is simple, convenient, and able to quickly on-line;

The second, to buy the source code, the price of this medium, generally about 1-2 million. The good thing is that it is convenient to be able to quickly on-line; the most important thing is that you permanently have a small program source code, without the need to pay the fee on a yearly basis. The bad thing is not always able to buy the right source code, no intellectual property rights related to small program development.

The third, custom development, this price is relatively high, generally 10,000 to more than 100,000, the good thing is that the function is in accordance with your requirements of custom development, related to small program development of intellectual property rights. The bad thing is that the price is high, the basic cost of the customized version of the tens of thousands of dollars to more than one hundred thousand.

What are the advantages of WeChat small program?

1, easy to use. No need to download, no need to install, sweep the code can be used directly. So there is no need to occupy cell phone memory. Use it and go.

2, social communication. Under the WeChat ecosystem, small programs are suitable for rapid dissemination in the WeChat group. This gives the opportunity for social e-commerce, the rapid development of social products.

3, development costs compared to WeChat public number, APP development costs are lower.

4, traffic pool WeChat is currently our largest concentration of traffic, small programs in this ecosystem, the potential is huge.

5, the entrance is deep. Not only can you enter the use of QR code, community and so on, but also through the sharing and forwarding, embedded in the public number and other ways to open.

WeChat buy things small program how to do

WeChat buy things small program how to do?

Step 1: Sign up for a small program account.

To sign up for a small program you need to go to the official website of WeChat public platform to register a small program.

ps: it is best to be a commercial subject oh.

Step 2: choose a small program mall template online editing.

Go to the website and get the small program mall production template ~.

Step 3: Authorize the small program account to publish with one click.

After completing the above modifications to the small program mall template, save it. Then authorize the account of your own small program in the background to the platform for uploading and submitting for review, and then you can publish your own small program mall after passing.

What steps are needed to build a WeChat small program mall?

Nowadays, relying on the huge flow of the WeChat platform, WeChat small program is getting hotter and hotter, so it also attracts a lot of businessmen to open their own mall store on WeChat small program. Then the small program mall in the end how to open it? What steps are needed to build a small program mall? The following follow me to take a look at it!

The first step, to open a small program mall, you have to go to the WeChat public platform to register a small program account and complete the certification.

The second step, registered and certified WeChat small program account, you can start making a small program mall, you can choose a simple and mature function of the small program mall production platform, to help easy and fast completion of the small program mall, such as Qiaotuo cloud platform. Register and login account to enter the background of Qiaotuo cloud, click [Mall] in the [go to management] to enter the background management page of the mall.

The third step, in the background management page, find the [small program mall] module and click on the [go to decoration] to enter the small program mall production page.

The fourth step, in the production page of the small program mall, first click on the [Template] option to select the small program mall template suitable for the industry to which it belongs, and then edit and modify it. You can directly click on the template page to modify the content to edit, you can also click on the left side of the [Module], [Controls], [Page], [Promotion] and other options to set up the modification. Pictures, text content, functional modules, various small controls in the page, small program mall promotion methods and other aspects can be edited and modified.

The fifth step, the small program mall template editing is complete, click on the upper right corner of the [Preview] can be viewed to confirm that there is no error can be submitted for review and wait for the release of the online (in the submission of the small program for review before the completion of the WeChat program authorization to do).

The above steps to open and build a small program mall is very simple, even if you do not know the technical expertise of the novice white can easily learn, and quickly complete the construction of a small program mall.