The command to enter safe mode is

Win10 system through the msconfig character command to enter safe mode method

For the use of xp system, win7 system, and now the installation of win10 system users, it should not be a stranger to the safe mode. We know that safe mode is a special mode of the windows operating system, through which we are able to check the system failure and repair, and better solve a variety of system failure problems. So how do we enter the safe mode? This side of the editor to introduce a way to enter the safe mode, you can understand!

Methods are as follows:

1, mouse click the Win10 system computer desktop in the lower left corner of the “Start” menu, select the Run option;

2, in the open Run dialog box, enter the command “msconfig

5, click restart, Win10 system is booting;

6, Win10 system restarts well, enter the password, click the icon to log in Win10 safe mode;

7, after logging in successfully, that is, entered the Win10 safe mode!

Win10 system through the msconfig character command to enter safe mode method is introduced to this side, windows safe mode on our operating system plays a vital role, I hope that the above method can help you!

How to enter Safe Mode via the Run command

Entering the Command Prompt: Press the Win+R key combination to bring up the Run box, type cmd in the edit box, and hit Enter to see the Command Prompt window. Enter Safe Mode: Reboot your computer, and immediately after going through the BIOS (after a bunch of characters have passed), keep hitting the F8 key to enter the safe menu. (Select “Safe Mode” and hit the Enter key. Then you can enter the safe mode. Enter DOS: [need computer pre-installed DOS system, or DOS toolbox] reboot the computer, in the boot selection menu, select “DOS toolbox” (image from Baidu Knowledge, erosion.) This is probably the way, windows 7 and windows xp is very similar, so use windows 7 pictures instead.