The method of generating barcode for courier single number

Excel sheet to make barcode numbers how to adjust


Open excel sheet select the developer tools button


Select Insert button in the other controls button


Select the barcode control


in the excel pull the control

2. barcode with excel

First you need to express a single number of Excel tables summarized into a form of data source form;

After clicking on the database connection, through the database into the software in the batch generation of barcode generation, a new blank label, open the “database”

Set up to add the “database”

Barcode control

This is the first time that you need to use a single number of barcode control. Settings” to add “Excel data source (file)”, the pop-up Excel data source management window, click “Browse” to add Excel,

and then click the “test connection” and “Add” button to complete the database import.

Mouse click on the left toolbar in the “Draw a one-dimensional code” tool,

3. excel how to make barcode

1, open excel file on the computer, click on the menu bar option “Developer/Insert”. “. Then click the ActiveX control bar in the lower right corner of the “other controls” icon.

2, in the emergence of the “Other Controls” dialog box, select MicrosoftBarcodeControl15.0, and then click OK

3, and then drag the mouse in the EXCEL form will appear a default barcode, select the barcode right-click on the right-click menu. mouse, in the context of the right-click menu, click on the “MicrosoftBarcodeControl15.0 object/properties”.

4, in the Properties dialog box appears to find the style options, in its drop-down box, select “7-code-128”, and then click OK.

5, in the A10 form, enter the number of information “9999999999”, and then right mouse button click on the bar code, in the right menu click “Properties” option. Then in the pop-up properties dialog box in the Linkecell column enter a10 can be. After completing the above settings, you can turn the number into a bar code in EXCEL!

I love the little god how to document the courier single number into the bar original?

For the bar code used for logistics such as courier orders, commonly 128 code, you can use some bar code printing software (free version on the network) for output.

CODE128 code is widely used in the internal management of enterprises, production processes, logistics control systems in terms of barcode code system, due to its excellent characteristics in the design of management information systems are widely used, CODE128 code is one of the most widely used barcode code system.

How to type the postal three box barcode on the courier bill?

1, open the online shopkeeper’s [Settings] menu below the [Print Template] select the template form to be adjusted.

2, select the left side of the [barcode object]

3, open the operation as shown in the figure

4, double-click the [freight bill number]

5, as shown in the figure can be shown, so that in the printing of courier orders can be successfully printed on the express order bar code.

Courier printer how to print labels

Courier single we are all very familiar with, and courier electronic face sheet belongs to a new type of face sheet, different from the traditional courier face sheet, courier electronic face sheet greatly simplifies the manual filling out the face of the operation steps, improve the efficiency of delivery, reduce costs, you can directly through the face of the printer to print out. The next step is to introduce the barcode printing software how to make express electronic manifest. First look at the final result, the following chart:

1. Open the label printing software, label paper according to their own need to produce the actual paper size of the courier e-face sheet settings. Use the combination of rounded rectangles and straight lines in the label to draw the form, as well as a small quadrangle. (The specific method of drawing the form can refer to how to draw the form tutorial in the label printing software in Luang)

2. Add the text on the express e-document, click on the left toolbar of the barcode printing software “A” icon to draw an ordinary text, double-click on the ordinary text to open the “Graphic Properties”. “Graphic Properties”, in the data source to modify the current default data, manually enter the “mailing unit:”, the rest of the text on the electronic face of the sheet are in turn this operation.

3. Add an express e-marker above the dotted line, click the label printing software on the left toolbar “Draw Line”, draw a straight line, open a straight line of the “Graphical Properties” window, the type of line select the “Dotted Line”. “Dotted line”, adjust the appropriate thickness, the rest of the dotted line is also produced.

4. Add the courier single number. Draw an ordinary text, record the ordinary text of the graphic ID (graphic ID can be in the “Graphic Properties” – “Basic” option to query), open the Graphic Properties window, manually add a fixed and unchanged data in the data source “EW”, then click on the left side of the “+” and add another data, data type selection of the sequence generated, in the right processing method of the sequence generated data to add a complementary processing method, the length of “10 “. (The length of the complementary processing method according to their own needs to set).

5. The last step, generate the bar code on the courier electronic face sheet, because the courier bill number is the bar code data, so you can directly quote the courier bill number. Click on the barcode printing software left toolbar “Draw 1D barcode” icon, draw a barcode, open the barcode “Graphical Properties” window, in the “Data Source” in the default change