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Who can give me an account and password for Ola Star

Accounts are personal and private, there are no accounts associated with them.

OraStar is a role-playing web game released on July 16, 2010 by Baidian Information Technology.

OraStar is committed to providing healthy Internet services to children aged 7-14 in China, enabling them to give full play to their imagination, satisfy their curiosity and develop a healthier and more positive outlook on life and the world in the virtual world.


Just follow the prompts, complete the novice tasks, in order to quickly integrate into the community. Click on the mouse to move around, and click on the wild subby to initiate a battle, either to capture the subby or to defeat the subby so that your own subby can gain experience.

Frequently on the left side of the function bar: the prop switch bar.

Frequently found on the right side of the bar: daily star coins, message box.

Frequently on the top function bar: Hero Chapter, Meteor Quest, Battle Starfield, Ori Story, Sound Switch, Show Nearby Players Switch.

QQ Speed car number and password Daquan

QQQ402755950, password Fengjunyu521. QQ Speed car number and password were 402755950, Fengjunyu521, “QQ Speed car” is the first Tencent independent research and development of the speed class casual online game, the underlying structure based on the world’s leading physics engine PhysX, the game The game is based on the world’s leading physics engine PhysX, the game feel comprehensively beyond the market similar products, all for the user to create a realistic game experience.

Free newbie nine games account and password

Account 303508800 password yang2002. nine games is a professional game platform in China, with more than 60 million heavy gamers, in 2019, the nine games APP comprehensive upgrading, in the provision of game downloads, game information, game gift packages, and other services based on the opening of the game club. From The Nine Games.

Ball battle to send super god number, do not change the password

Having a good account seems very important, unfortunately in the past is unlikely to be shared by everyone, but now there is a ball battle good number and password to get a complete list of the latest can be used to help you get the latest can be used to get the ball of the extreme account, so that you can also indulge in pretending to be! How to register the ball big battle account

1, first of all, we enter the personal center from the main interface, and then enter the user information, you can see that if you are a visitor to log in, then there will be a user registration on the right side, binding cell phone can register an account. Below the avatar can switch accounts.

2, logging in with your account can change your personal data, and most importantly, you can log in with the same account in other machines, which is more convenient. How to change the password of the ball game 1, first enter the game and click on the user information 2, and then click on the switch user 3, and then click on the forgotten username or password.

4, followed by the following corresponding picture will appear, in the cell phone number below to enter the corresponding number → click free to get the SMS verification code.

5, will get the SMS verification code entered in the verification code in the account Frequently Asked Questions 1. why my account does not sign in function, how to open the sign in function, open the treasure box function or recharge the membership can be opened to the sign in function 2. why I have 50 lollipop can not open the treasure box function? How to open the treasure box function? A: Method 1: The treasure box function can be opened through the rechargeable members.

Method 2: the history of the cumulative total of 50 lollipop can open the treasure chest function, lollipop has been used does not affect the opening of the treasure chest function, the lollipop must be invited to friends to get or through the attention of the official WeChat public number to get, the lollipop can not be used to open the treasure chest function of the lollipop obtained through other ways (such as the season settlement).