WeChat Small Program Web Login Entrance

Where is the entrance to the small program login in the public number?

Steps are as follows:

1, log into the WeChat public platform address, note that the small program login address with the public number login is an address, the address is: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/ Enter the small program account password login.

2, verify that the password is correct, enter the administrator to confirm.

3, through the administrator WeChat account to scan the QR code to log in, after scanning the code pop-up confirmation box, click OK.

4, confirm login, pop-up successful login prompt.

5, after confirming the login on the cell phone, the computer PC directly login to enter the small program home page, and then you can operate in the background of the small program.

How to open the small program on the computer

WeChat small program on the computer to open the method is as follows: click on the left side of the browser at the bottom of the toolbar in the “+” sign, you can open the small program list page. The small program page on the web side is exactly the same as the small program page opened on the cell phone. This makes it possible to open WeChat apps on the web side as well.

Open your WeChat client and click the “Discover” tab on the WeChat homepage. Click on the “Small Programs” button to open the Small Programs Store. In the app store, you can find the apps you are interested in by searching for the name of the app and clicking the “Apps” button next to the search box.

How to open the QQ app on your computer: First, make sure that you have downloaded the latest version of QQ. Then open QQ and switch to the messaging interface. Next, pull down from the top, you will see the entrance of the small program. After going in, you can filter the small program, directly click on the button behind the small program can enter.

First of all, open the [WeChat], scan the code to log in, log in successfully click on the lower left corner of the [three bars] icon, click on the [Settings], click on the [About WeChat] to view the version of the information, the latest version of the latest version of the support to view the small program. Click on the small program to enter the list, click the search button above.

Open your computer. Find WeChat on your computer and click to open it and enter the WeChat interface. Click the small program button on the bottom left of the main page to open the small program in WeChat on your computer.

WeChat small program how to log in

WeChat is now many people like to use one of the software, recently WeChat’s small program function is very hot, this time to give you an introduction to WeChat small program how to log in, come to see it.

Baidu search “WeChat public platform” to enter the official website.

After entering the account password, use the administrator’s WeChat to scan the QR code and confirm the login.

After logging in, you can enter the editing page of the small program.