What are the areas where computers are trending

What is the development trend of computers

This article is the operating environment: windows 10 system, thinkpadt480 computer.

The development trend of the computer:

1, giant: refers to the computer has a very high computing speed, large capacity of storage space, more powerful and perfect function, mainly used in aerospace, military, meteorology, artificial intelligence, bio-engineering and other subject areas.

2, miniaturization: large-scale and ultra-large-scale integrated circuits development is inevitable. From the first – a microprocessor chip since its inception, the rate of development is increasing day by day. Computer chip integration doubled every 18 months, while the price is reduced by half, which is the development of information technology function and price ratio of Moore’s law. Computer chip integration is getting higher and higher, the functions accomplished more and more strong, so that the process of computer miniaturization and the popularity of more and more quickly.

3, networking: computer technology and communications technology closely integrated product. Especially since the 1990s, with the rapid development of Inter, computer networks have been widely used in the government, schools, businesses, research, family and other fields, more and more people contact and understand the concept of computer networks. Computer network will have independent functions of different computers in different geographic locations through the communication equipment and transmission media interconnected, under the support of the communication software, to realize the network of computers to share resources, exchange information, and work together. The development level of cited computer network has become an important indicator to measure the degree of national modernization. In the socio-economic development plays an extremely important role.

4, intelligent: so that computers can simulate human intellectual activity, such as learning, perception, understanding, judgment, reasoning and other capabilities. With the ability to understand natural language, sound, text and images, with the ability to speak, so that man and machine can use natural language direct dialogue. It can utilize existing and continuously learned knowledge, think, associate, reason, and draw conclusions, can solve complex problems, and has the ability to pool memory and retrieve relevant knowledge.

What is the development trend of computers?

The development trend of computers is as follows:

1, giant, meaning that the computer has a very high computing speed, large-capacity storage space; 2, miniaturization, large-scale and ultra-large-scale integrated circuits is inevitable; 3, networking, computer technology and communications technology closely integrated product; 4, intelligence, so that computers can simulate human intellectual activity.

The development trend of the computer profession?

Status of computers

1, artificial intelligence

Currently, computers can simulate human thinking ability and judgment, through artificial intelligence systems to improve the ability to adapt and reasoning ability;

2, the control field and the process of detection field

This is a common scope of application of computers, through the cell phone enterprise production data and checking. Engineers can be found in the computer in the production process may be a problem, and timely correction of the problem, a better realization of mechanized production and control, and effectively improve production efficiency, to help enterprises run better;

3, numerical computation

Numerical computation is one of the widest range of fields, but also the core area of application. Because the computer application has logical judgment, quick calculation ability and high accuracy, so in biological control, mechanics, chemistry, etc. can be widely used;

4, the field of data processing

The field of the widest range of applications, most of the enterprises have a set of internal data management system to deal with the processing, production, finishing and other aspects of the matter, which not only This not only facilitates the realization of internal sharing mechanism, improve office efficiency, but also allows enterprises to observe the production and sales of enterprises at any time and any place, to achieve good operation.

The development trend of computer

1, network development trend

With the arrival of the Internet era, computer applications are inevitably associated with the Internet, showing the characteristics of information technology, digitalization, networking, especially in the satellite communications technology, fiber optic communications and other aspects of the wide range of applications. Since the computer technology into people’s lives, people’s lifestyles also have a great impact on the development of networking is to make computer applications more comfortable.

2, integrated development trend

And the previous computer system is different, now the computer applications are towards small, refined direction, more and more features also said that the computer application technology has been deepening, the level of application is also higher and higher.

In the integrated development trend, the original information processing will eventually be eliminated, and should be replaced by the integration of computer technology, network technology, communications technology, synchronization technology, multimedia technology, and other aspects of the technology collection.

3, intelligent development trend

With the artificial intelligence, the future era will be the era of artificial intelligence, robots will be gradually integrated into people’s lives.

The progress and development of computer technology is also accelerating, the application of this intelligent technology will be used in various fields to produce beneficial effects on society. At present, there have been driverless cars, unmanned supermarkets have begun to apply to the city, although there are still some controversy, but inevitably the mainstream of future development will be artificial intelligence.