What are the aspects of basic computer operation knowledge

What are the basic knowledge of computer?

The basic knowledge of computers are operating system principles, data structures, network principles are more important computer basics, in addition to database principles, algorithm design, compilation principles, electronic circuits, programming languages and other knowledge.

1, operating system principles.

Operating system is an important foundation for learning computer technology, through the study of operating system architecture, operating instructions, task scheduling, concurrency management, resource management, rights management, security management, etc., to form a more systematic understanding of the computer, for subsequent learning to lay a solid foundation.

2. Principles of Networking.

Today is the Internet era, the importance of computer network knowledge is self-evident. Network principles involve network architecture, protocols, data communications management, security and other content, in addition to how to operate switches, routers and other network equipment. Learning computer networks should focus on experiments, through which a sense of picture such as data communication process can be established.

3, programming languages and data structures.

Programming language is an important tool to operate the computer, is sure to master the focus of the content, programming is essentially the combination of algorithmic design and data structure, so in the study of data structure should be mastered before the use of programming languages, for beginners, C, Java, Python and other languages are good choices.

What is the basic knowledge of computer operation

This tutorial operating environment: windows7 system, DellG3 computer.

1, the first need to master the computer on and off method, generally speaking, boot to open the peripherals, that is, that is, the host chassis other than the other hardware devices, and then open the host, shut down the host to shut down the host after the peripherals; the first time to boot, is to open the monitor’s power switch, and then turn on the host chassis of the power switch, there is a [POWER] sign, or the most conspicuous large buttons on the chassis. conspicuous large button;

2, encounter hardware problems or failures need to manually restart the computer, you can through three ways. The simplest is to press the chassis power button attached to the [RESET] button to let the computer restart, you can also long press the [power button] to let it restart boot start. You can also hold down the [Ctrl] key, [Alt] key and [Del] key on the keyboard at the same time, open the interface to select [Restart Computer];

3, shutdown just need to press the button in the lower left corner of the system interface, in the pop-up menu to find the [Shutdown] button, click on it. However, it should be noted that you must first exit all the running programs before shutting down;

4, the mouse, the use of the keyboard, now generally can be directly connected to the computer can be used normally. General mouse operation is to click and double-click, open the file is double-click, select the option is to click; hold is drag, hold down the left button do not release, move the mouse to the new target location, release the left button can be;

5, the general Internet need to open the [Settings] or the [Control Panel] of the network setup options, only need to follow the above prompts, enter the wired or wireless network name or the user name, WiFi name, password, and then all the way to the computer. WiFi name, after the password, all the way to click [Next] can be set to complete. There will be an Internet icon in the status bar at the bottom right corner;

Basic knowledge of computer operation

The basic knowledge and basic operation of the computer has become the basic skills of people based on society, the following to share the basic knowledge of computer operation, take a look at it!

1, the computer on, off method

The first thing to remember is the order of boot, generally speaking, boot peripherals (that is, other than the main chassis) after the host, shutdown to shut down the host after shutting down the peripherals. There are several cases of what we call power-on:

First time power-on. In this case, the power on method is to open the monitor’s power switch, and then open the power switch of the main chassis (there is a “POWER” sign on it).

Restarting the computer. This is when a computer crashes during operation for some reason, or when you need to restart it after running certain programs.

There are three ways to do this:

Hold down the “Ctrl” key, “Alt” key and “Del” key on the keyboard at the same time, and the computer will restart automatically;

In the case of the previous method does not work, directly in the main chassis, press the “RESET” button to let the computer reboot;

If the first two methods have to be used as a last resort, you can use the “RESET” button to restart your computer.

When you turn off the computer, it’s easier to just press the “POWER” button on the main chassis. However, it is important to remember to exit all running programs before shutting down your computer.

If you are under the WINDOWS operating system, you must shut down the computer in the following order: First, close all the running programs, then click on the “Start” button in the lower left corner of the screen with the left mouse button, select “Shut down the system” in the pop-up menu, click the left mouse button, and then select the “Shut down the computer” option in the pop-up dialog, and then click on the button with the mouse that is labeled with the “Yes” button. Click on the button labeled “Yes” with your mouse. Later, the words “You can now safely shut down your computer” will appear on the screen, and you can press the “POWER” button directly on the motherboard to safely shut down the computer.

2, the mouse, the use of the keyboard

Common mouse generally two-button, three-button type two. Generally use the two-button mouse, if you use the three-button mouse, the center button is not used.

Move: just move, like the keyboard arrow keys, but the mouse can be much more flexible than the keyboard

Click: press the left button (eg: maximize), or press the right button (eg: display properties)

Double-click: press the left button two times in a row (eg: to execute the program)

Drag (drag): Move the mouse to the original target position, hold down the left button and do not release, move the mouse to the new target position, release the left button can be (such as: solitaire in the removal of cards)

3, the Internet is simple to operate

How to add the favorite web page to the favorites?

A: Go to the page you want to add to your favorites, and on the “Favorites” menu, click “Add to Favorites”

If necessary, type in a new name for the page, and click [OK].

Can I browse the full text of a foreign language message translated into Chinese?

A: Yes. Install real-time translation software such as Orient Express.

When I go online to apply for free e-mail, what is my known username and e-mail address?

A: E-mail is: username@website domain name.

How to prevent viruses?

A: Install “Firewall” for real-time monitoring. Example: KVW3000, KILL98, Kingsoft AntiVirus, etc.;

Use KV300 and other anti-virus software to regularly kill the virus.

How to save the beautiful pictures on the Internet?

A: Right-click on “Picture”, click “Copy”; open the corresponding program (such as drawing, WORD, etc.), click “Paste” button.

How to quickly determine the state of the keyboard letters in uppercase and the number of the keypad in the state?

A: When the CapsLock light is on above the keypad, the letters are in uppercase, and when the `NumLock light is on above the keypad, the keypad is in numeric state.

When surfing the Web, the screen says “Page cannot be displayed”.

A: Maybe the web page address is wrong, and the DNS server can’t find it; or maybe your machine’s TCP/IP protocol is configured incorrectly.

How do I download an application from the Internet and install it on my computer?

A: In the corresponding download location, press the right button of the mouse, select [Save Target As] -> Select the location to save the file, left-click [Save], you can, after the end of the download, double-click on the downloaded program, run it, and according to the computer prompts to operate, complete the installation can be.

Computer maintenance methods

Often on, the computer can not be used for a long time, especially in the wet season, in order to avoid the host due to moisture caused by short-circuit, even if it is on for half an hour. Remember to never turn on your computer during the rainy season when it’s thundering, and to unplug all the power supplies.

Cooling anti-freeze, summer computer running in the room without air conditioning for a long time overheating will lead to running too slow dead. In winter, the computer is too cold, which can lead to the problem of not turning on the computer.

Pay attention to the dust, when the computer is not used to use the breathable curtains will be the monitor, chassis, keyboard cover up, so as to prevent dust into the computer damage hardware.

Avoid frequent shutdowns, the computer should not be turned on and off too often, this will damage the hardware. If you don’t want to use it, it’s best to enable the hibernation state. The computer can’t move and vibrate the chassis during use, and you can’t unplug the hardware after powering on the computer, which can damage the hardware.

Use a protected three-hole socket to minimize static electricity, and if there is static electricity, use a plastic-skinned copper wire to tie to one end of the chassis or fan port, and the other end to tie to the top of an iron object that can reach the ground.

Before the computer boot must first open the computer’s external devices, such as monitors, printing, audio and so on. The first thing you need to do is to turn off the computer when you turn it off.

The daily use of the computer can not be loaded and unloaded software, so as to avoid causing problems with the system.

The computer should be half a year dust maintenance, especially inside the chassis, if the chassis is not too familiar with the internal, to consult the maintenance staff how to dust the chassis, to avoid damage to the hardware or electrocution.

The computer can not be used overnight, which will reduce the life of the computer, and often use the computer’s radiation on their own body will be harmed.

How to learn the basics of computer?

Rapidly learn the basics of computer:

1, start the machine: zero basis to learn the computer is the first to learn the correct start the machine, do not recommend using hibernation mode. Power on is very simple, directly press the host’s power can be, the monitor can not be closed. The correct way to shut down the computer is to click the mouse on the computer desktop in the lower left corner of the start, and then click to close the computer can be, if you do not have a mouse, you can also follow the order of the keyboard Win key plus the left arrow key plus the Enter key can be.

2, the use of the mouse: the use of the mouse is to learn the most basic computer, the use of the left mouse button, click to indicate that selected, hold down is dragging, double-click is to open the file or software. The function of the right mouse button is very simple, is the function of properties, move the mouse cursor to a file shortcut, right mouse button, you can see a lot of operations, mainly copy, paste, rename, delete, compress, send, properties and so on. The use of the pulley is to turn the page, after opening the web page, we can use the pulley to slide back and forth to turn the page up and down.

3, the use of the keyboard: there are many keys on the keyboard, zero basis to learn the computer is recommended to learn how to type, switch the input method, know the keyboard shortcuts and other operations, find a person who will teach, and then practiced diligently, and memorized on it.