What are the websites to read pdf online

College textbook e-books pdf resources from this learning site

College textbook e-books pdf resources from the National Library of China, the National Library of China, the National Library Reference Union, scientific library, ZLibrary, Beida Publishing House e-textbook bookshelf, e-books read for public benefit, LibraryGenesis and other sites to find.

1, Higher Education Book Court

A higher education publisher’s book site, which includes a wide range of textbooks they have, if you need to find the publisher’s e-textbooks, do not have to go to other sites, come directly to this site to find the right.

There are a lot of e-textbook resources in it, divided into higher education, higher vocational education, secondary vocational education, five-year higher vocational education, basic education and so on, covering a very comprehensive scope.

However, Higher Education Book Court currently only supports online reading of e-textbooks, directly open to read the textbook, the page is very clear, you can view a single page or double-page view, a little bit like the feeling of reading a paper book, and there is a directory can be quickly jumped.

2, the National Library of China

An official electronic resource site, where you can have a variety of books, theses, journals, etc., which includes a lot of university textbooks electronic version. The textbook resources are still very rich, and the publisher, publication time and other information are labeled very comprehensive, easy to filter. After you find the electronic textbook you want to click on it, and then click on the document delivery, it will send the electronic textbook to your mailbox.

3, the National Library Reference and Consultation Union

A learning resource-rich website, which has books, journals, newspapers, dissertations, conference papers, patents, etc., no matter what you need to learn resources can be searched for, such as the domestic university electronic teaching materials. Page simple search simple, in the search box enter the e-books you want to find, above the category remember to choose the book, and then search on it.

After searching out, you can quickly filter the e-textbooks you want according to the age, author, etc., to find the e-books you want to point to, and then in the e-textbook details interface click on the literature transfer, enter the mailbox will automatically send you to the mailbox.

4, science library

A science publisher’s book site, the site has a number of subjects can view and download electronic materials, including mathematics and science, history, geography, biological sciences, medicine, agriculture, information, aviation, space and so on.

Similarly, it is only available online, and you can view the contents of a particular textbook directly by clicking into it, which also provides a number of tools, including adding notes, highlighting text, and so on, so that you can take notes while doing so, and you can save your notes after logging in.

5, ZLibrary

A site with a lot of e-book resources, it has nearly 10 million books and 85 million articles, so no matter what the domestic and foreign e-textbooks, e-books, or academic papers and so on, basically can be found here.

It supports Chinese search, what do you want to e-textbook direct search on the line, you can follow the name search, but also according to the author, publisher, ISBN and other information to search.

It’s also easy to download, use your email to register your account and log in, then click into the e-textbook details interface and click the download button to download the pdf format of the textbook.

6, Beida Press electronic textbook bookshelf

A Beida Press electronic textbook website, the type of textbooks within the site are mainly civil, mechanical, management, tourism, logistics, e-commerce, computers, etc., which also includes a number of higher education materials, a total of 1,255 electronic textbooks.

It’s electronic version of the textbook can only be read online, does not support the download, but I like it very much page turn, and turn the book sound effect is very real, the background is like a desk.

7, e-books public service reading

A picture site with the National Library batch construction, which brings together a lot of selected e-books to the humanities and social sciences, mainly, including specific classifications such as literature, economics, politics, law, history, geography, philosophy, culture, science, art and so on. You can search for keywords to quickly find e-textbooks, and log in to your account to read them online.

8, LibraryGenesis

An e-book resource-rich website, it is inside the domestic and international e-books, academic articles, novels, comics, etc., download e-learning materials also do not need to register to log in, but also support the Chinese search. After searching for the textbook you want, you can click on the number directly behind it to enter the download interface and download it directly.

Several good PDF online processing, editing site

This article introduces a few convenient, free, good use of PDF online processing site.

In the process of work and study, often need to PDF some basic processing, such as file merging, file format conversion, page order changes, etc.; although these needs can be achieved through many mature PDF processing software, but this is undoubtedly more troublesome, and a lot of PDF processing software is charged. Therefore, this article introduces some on-line PDF processing website, so as to facilitate, and more importantly, free of charge to realize the basic needs of PDF processing.

This article lists the sites I have used many times, feel good; at the same time, in order to avoid the suspicion of advertising, here is no longer attached to the specific site, we need to search the search engine in accordance with the keywords can be.

PDFdo is I think the most convenient online processing PDF documents, the most complete website. Its features include PDF file processing itself (such as file merging, page splitting, file encryption and decryption, etc.) and PDF file format processing (such as PDF and images, Word and other file formats such as mutual conversion); it can be said that this site is almost free to meet all the commonly used PDF basic processing needs.

PDFdo compared to other sites is the biggest advantage – it does not need to register and online features all permanently free. However, some of the site’s features (such as PDF editing, PDF to Word, etc.) are relatively unstable, and there are occasional formatting errors; and the site seems to be less stable at times, and occasionally requires constant refreshing before you can access.

Smallpdf is an online PDF processing platform provided by foreign developers. Its features are also very rich, and can meet most of the daily PDF processing needs.

Smallpdf website platform is very beautiful, stable web page, and its website provides dozens of languages to choose from. However, the platform only after the registration of 7 days to enjoy free PDF online processing services, beyond the time frame will need to charge (or change a small number).

iLovePDF is also a PDF online processing platform provided by foreign developers. It also provides a very rich PDF online processing tools for everyone to use for free.

iLovePDF platform than Smallpdf’s biggest advantage is that it can use most of the features for free, unlimited free time. And the site can also replace the English, small languages and other interface display language. But if you want to use the site to provide all the features, you need to charge.

As the name suggests, Apowersoft Online PDF Compression is a website that offers only one feature – compression of PDF file size. Although the site only provides this kind of service, but its compression effect I personally think is very good. In some of the need to submit a limit on the size of the PDF file in the scenario, if we are going to submit the file beyond the limit on the size of the file and do not want to delete the contents of the file, then you can use this site to compress the file.

These are a few common personal PDF online processing site. In fact, the same type of site is very diverse, just search to find a large number; we only need to find three or four suitable for their own, to meet their needs of the site, it is enough.