What does vector graphics mean in ps?

What PS means by vector

What PS means by vector is vector graphics, also known as object-oriented images or drawing images, and the graphic elements in a vector file are called objects. Each object is a self-contained entity that has attributes such as color, shape, outline, size, and screen position.

Vector graphics are drawn based on geometric properties and the file takes up less intrinsic space because this type of image file contains separate detached images that can be recombined freely and without restriction. It is characterized by magnification of the image will not be distorted, and resolution independent, applicable to graphic design, text design and some logo design, layout design and so on.

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Advantages of Vector Graphics

1, the file is small, the image is saved in the lines and blocks of information, so the vector graphics file has nothing to do with the resolution and the size of the image, but only with the complexity of the image, the image file takes up less storage space.

2, the image can be stepless scaling, scaling, rotation or deformation of the graphics operation, the graphics will not produce jagged effects.

3, can take high-resolution printing, vector graphics files can be printed on any output device printer to print or print the highest resolution printout.

4, vector graphics unlimited zoom without blurring, most of the bitmap is derived from the vector, it can also be said that vector graphics is the source code of the bitmap, the source code is editable.

PHOTOSHOP what is a vector image

Vector image means that the mathematical elements such as points, lines, surfaces and other components of the composition of the graphic, there is no pixel, that is to say, even if you zoom in 100 times, but also and the original picture is no difference, as clear as ever, unlike the bitmap, zoomed in to a number of times, it is only a blur!

You said PS is bitmap processing software. Vector software: CorelDRAWFreeHandIllustrator and so on.

What does vector graphics mean in ps ??????????

Vector graphics: graphics displayed in computers can generally be categorized into two main groups – vector graphics and bitmaps. Vector graphics use straight lines and curves to describe shapes whose elements are a number of points, lines, rectangles, polygons, circles and arcs, etc., which are obtained by mathematical formulas. For example, a vector graphic of a flower actually consists of lines forming the outline of the outer frame, and the color of the frame and the color enclosed by the frame determines the color of the flower displayed. Since vector graphics can be obtained through formula calculations, vector graphics files are generally small in size. The biggest advantage of vector graphics is that no matter zoom in, zoom out or rotate will not be distorted; the biggest disadvantage is that it is difficult to show the color level of the rich and realistic image effect. Adobe’s Illustrator, Corel

CorelDRAW is the company’s CorelDRAW is a large number of vector graphic design software in the best. The animation produced by the famous FlashMX is also vector graphics animation.

What is vector graphics and what exactly is it used for?


What is vector graphics and what exactly is it used for? 😉


Vector and bitmap images are categorized according to how the information is represented.

Vector diagrams are diagrams that are represented by a series of computational instructions, so a vector diagram is a mathematical description of a diagram, which is essentially a programming language representation of many mathematical expressions. When drawing a vector diagram you can see the drawing process if it is slow.

You can think of a vector drawing as a “shape”, such as a circle, a parabola, etc., so scaling doesn’t affect its quality.

Bitmaps are collections of pixels. I don’t need to explain that.

The use is:

Vector graphics are generally used to express a relatively small image, move, zoom, rotate, copy, change attributes are very easy, generally used to make a gallery, such as a lot of software in the vector library, you drag it out as much as you can draw.

Do PHOTOSHOP drawings, “vector graphics” is what

Vector graphics is based on the geometric properties of the graphic with a variety of mathematical formulas to express the graphic, the picture zoom in and out will not be distorted, the file size relative to the bitmap is small. The disadvantage is that it is impossible to express a fine picture.

Bitmap is to use different pixels to express the graphics, various operations will lead to distortion of the picture.

Rasterization is the conversion of vector graphics to bitmap.