What is the job category of Cloud Computing

What can you do if you study cloud computing

Study cloud computing can be engaged in cloud system administrator, cloud computing engineers, cloud computing development engineers, cloud computing architects, operations and maintenance engineers and other jobs.

1, cloud system administrator

Cloud system administrator’s job responsibilities are mainly to configure and maintain the system, including the basic cloud platform, to solve the problems that arise, and to plan for the future of the cloud capacity requirements.

2, cloud computing engineers

Cloud computing engineers are mainly responsible for the development of cloud computing and data center project delivery plans and technical solutions, responsible for the planning, designing and implementation of cloud infrastructure, data migration to the cloud, cloud disaster recovery and backup, as well as cloud reliability and security.

3, Cloud Computing Development Engineer

Cloud Computing Development Engineer is mainly responsible for designing and developing distributed software for cloud services.

4, Cloud Architect

The Cloud Architect is responsible for leading the development and deployment of cloud computing projects to ensure that the system is scalable, reliable, secure, maintainable, and meets business and IT performance requirements within budget.

5, Operation and Maintenance Engineer

Operation and Maintenance Engineer is mainly responsible for cloud computing project implementation and operation and maintenance, and do network storage, database, backup, recovery, synchronization and other related work.

What jobs can you get employed in cloud computing?

Cloud computing project manager. Belongs to the management, overseeing pre-sales, R & D, after-sales, the overall responsibility of a project, sorting out internal and external business requirements, formulating the entire project plan, responsible for the control of the entire process, writing project management reports. … Requires a management mindset, management skills, and usually project management experience.

What are the career paths in Software Engineering Cloud Computing

What are the career paths in Software Engineering Cloud Computing as follows:

Cloud Platform Developer is a core position in the Cloud Computing field and is responsible for developing and maintaining the functionality and performance of the Cloud Platform. This includes building applications based on cloud services, managing virtualized environments, and automating deployment and monitoring.

1, Cloud Architecture Design:

Cloud architecture designers are responsible for designing and planning an organization’s cloud computing architecture and ensuring that it meets the requirements of performance, scalability, security and reliability. They need to have an in-depth understanding of various cloud services and technologies, as well as requirements analysis and architecture design for business needs.

2. Cloud Security and Operations and Maintenance:

With the widespread adoption of cloud computing, cloud security and operations and maintenance positions are becoming increasingly important. Cloud security specialists are responsible for formulating and implementing security policies to protect the data security and privacy of cloud platforms and related applications. Cloud O&M engineers, on the other hand, are responsible for the operation and maintenance of the cloud platform, such as monitoring, troubleshooting, and performance optimization.

3. Big Data Analytics:

In the cloud computing environment, big data analytics has become an important technology and application area. Therefore, the cloud computing field also needs big data analysts to process and analyze massive amounts of data and provide data insights and business decision support.

4. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the demand for professionals in the cloud computing field is also increasing. Artificial intelligence and machine learning engineers can utilize the elastic resources and high-performance computing power provided by cloud computing platforms to develop and train complex machine learning models and algorithms.

5. Container technology and microservices:

Container technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes play an important role in cloud computing. Therefore, acquiring skills in container technology and microservices architecture is also an option for cloud computing career paths. Container technology experts can take care of the deployment and management of containerized applications, while microservice architecture experts can design distributed, scalable and reliable microservice architectures.