What should I do to restore the right mouse button menu that has become small?

How to restore the windows 10 right-click menu to a smaller size

Right-click on the desktop – Display Settings – Advanced Settings – Advanced Options for the size of text and other items – select “Menu” and make the font larger on the right – Apply. Advanced options for other item sizes – select “Menu”, make the font larger on the right – apply.

Desktop right-click window size how to adjust

XP system as an example:

1, click on the desktop blank right-click Properties to open the Display Properties panel.

2. Select Appearance in the Display Properties panel and select Advanced.

3, opened the Advanced Appearance panel, select the menu in the item, the menu size options according to their needs to set the size.

4. Opened the Advanced Appearance panel, select the menu in the project, the menu font size option to set the size according to their needs.

icon below the word becomes larger, the desktop right-click menu and the menu bar of the word becomes small, how to do

You can zoom in, the specific operation is as follows:

1, in the desktop blank right mouse button, in the pop-up right-click menu, select “personalization”,

2, in the pop-up personalization window Click on the “window color”, click on “items” in the desktop, select “selected items”,

3, in the following you can change the font size, the default is Microsoft IELTS font,

4, in the size of the drop-down menu to select the appropriate font size for the individual can be, as shown in the following chart in the red box logo.

Win7 taskbar right-click menu becomes narrow, as shown in the picture, the icon is partially obscured, how to recover?

Win7 taskbar right-click menu becomes narrow, as shown in the picture, the icon is partially obscured, how to recover?

Click the right mouse button on the blank space of the taskbar, select Properties, and make sure that the Lock Taskbar option is not ticked, you can adjust the position and width of the taskbar by moving the left mouse button to the upper edge of the taskbar, turning it into a symbol with up and down arrows, and then holding down the left mouse button and dragging it downwards.

After you finish adjusting the taskbar, you can re-check the Lock taskbar box. If you still feel that the taskbar is wide, you can do the following:

Check “Use small icons” and click OK

1. First, right-click the taskbar to see if Lock taskbar is checked.

2, if the lock taskbar is selected use the mouse to click, cancel the lock taskbar, before you can set.

3, hover the mouse over the desktop and taskbar interface, the mouse will become a double arrow (lock taskbar will not change)

4, this time the use of the left mouse button to click on the seam does not let go, at the same time, the mouse will be pulled down.

5, satisfied, and then let go, the taskbar will be restored to narrow (you can see that Sogou’s input bar is still stuck in the high place).

6, in order to prevent misuse again, continue to right-click on the taskbar blank, tap Lock Taskbar, it will not become wider.

8, all the settings here, can be reversed.

The above is Win7’s taskbar suddenly widened after pulling the narrow taskbar method is introduced, I hope it can help you!

Win10 system how to set the size of the right-click menu

Win10 system interface uses a flat design, even the right-click menu has become wider and flatter. Some people may not adapt to the size of the right-click menu, so how to set the right-click menu in Win10 system? Here I bring you the way to set the right-click menu on win10 system.

win10 system set the right-click menu method

The first step, enter the win10 system, we use the shortcut key win + r, directly open the run window, and enter regedit press enter.

The second step, enter the “Registry Editor” page, and the left side of the list, in order to click to open: “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\ CurrentVersion\FlightedFeatures” and create a new DWORD (32-bit) value called ImmersiveContextMenu in the right window.

Finally, just double-click on ImmersiveContextMenu, change its value to 0 in the pop-up window, restart Explorer or log out and log back in.

Modify Win10 right-click menu style method

1, press Win + R to open Run, enter regedit Enter to open the Registry Editor.

2, expand the following location:


3, in the right side of the new named ImmersiveContextMenu on the right side of the DWORD (32-bit) value.

4. Double-click ImmersiveContextMenu and change its value to 0.

5. Restart Explorer or log out and log in again to take effect. Restart Explorer:

Find Windows Explorer in the Task Manager, right-click, and select Restart.

After completing the above changes, the size of the context menu in the desktop environment, including width and height, will be smaller. As you can see in the image below:

If you want to go back to the default, just remove ImmersiveContextMenu or change its value to 1.

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