Where to find the Auto-Enter CAPTCHA setting

How to make cell phone information verification code without popping up direct automatic input

First click [Settings], and then click into the [System and Update]. In the system interface click into the [language and input method], and then click [Baidu Input Method Huawei Edition]. Click to open [Interface Settings], check the box [Candidate Area SMS Verification Code Auto Fill].

Open the settings in the cell phone information; click Advanced; turn off the CAPTCHA security protection switch can be.

First click on [Settings], then click into [System]. In the system interface click into the [language and input method], and then click [Baidu input method Huawei version]. Click to open [Interface Settings], check the box [Candidate Area SMS Verification Code Auto Fill].

The first step is to open the Vivo phone, after which in the phone application and service settings, click on the application management. In the application management interface, click on input method. Next is to click on Permissions. In the Permissions screen, click on Information and then select the AutoFill option.

Open the page you want to register, enter the relevant information, get the “number” in the platform, fill in the number to the registration page, and then click on the platform to get the “verification code”.

How to set up auto-fill captcha on Huawei phone

To set up auto-fill captcha on Huawei phone, you can follow the steps below:

1. Open the Settings app on your phone.

2. In the Settings screen, find and click on the “Password” or “Security & Privacy” option (may vary by phone model and system version).

3. In the Password or Security & Privacy settings, locate and click the AutoFill option.

4. In AutoFill settings, you may need to enable AutoFill. Usually, there is an on/off button or checkbox under this option, so make sure it is turned on.

5. In AutoFill settings, look for or scroll down to the “Captcha” or “Autofill Captcha” option.

6. Clicking on this option may require some configuration and authorization. Ensure that you allow permissions to auto-fill CAPTCHA, such as allowing access to SMS or other relevant permissions.

7. Once the autofill CAPTCHA setup is complete, you can try to use an app or webpage that contains a CAPTCHA on your phone, and the system will automatically recognize and fill in the CAPTCHA.

How to set Huawei phone verification code auto-fill

What is Huawei phone verification code auto-fill?

Captcha autofill means that in the cell phone browser or APP, when you need to enter the captcha, Huawei cell phone can automatically fill in the captcha, eliminating the tedious step of manually inputting it and improving the efficiency of use.

How to set Huawei phone verification code auto-fill?

Here are the steps to set up a Huawei phone to automatically fill in CAPTCHA:

Open your phone’s settings and click on the “Smart Assist” option.

In Smart Assist, click on the “Smart Input Method” option.

In Smart Input Method, click on “Autofill CAPTCHA” option.

Turn on the “Autofill CAPTCHA” option.

Set the conditions of “Auto Fill CAPTCHA”, you can choose “Auto Fill CAPTCHA only in WLAN” or “Auto Fill CAPTCHA always”.

After completing the settings, your Huawei phone will be able to fill in the verification code automatically.


When setting up Huawei phone CAPTCHA autofill, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Huawei phone can only autofill pure numeric CAPTCHA, and can’t fill in other types of CAPTCHA, such as letters, Chinese characters, and other types of CAPTCHA.

The autofill CAPTCHA function is only available for browsers and APPs that come with Huawei phones, and may not be supported for third-party browsers and APPs.

The Autofill feature requires an Internet connection to work properly.


Huawei’s CAPTCHA auto-fill feature can help users eliminate the tedious steps of manually entering CAPTCHA and improve the efficiency of use. When using it, you need to pay attention to the setting conditions and precautions to avoid problems. I hope the above content is helpful to you.

vivo verification code auto-fill how to set

You can refer to the following automatic identification and fill in the SMS verification code need to meet the following conditions ~

2, into the message – the upper right corner of the round point – Settings – Privacy – turn off the “verification code security protection” ( FuntouchOS3.0lite and the following version of the model does not need to meet this condition;)

3, iManager – Application Management – Permission Management – Permissions – access to SMS / MMS – open the corresponding software permissions;

4, need to support the software itself to read the verification code function.