Where to find the computer run command box

Computer command line window how to open

Computer run command window has a very powerful feature that can help users quickly open a variety of functions needed, it is very commonly used, but some of the new contact with the computer partners do not know how to open the computer command line window, for this reason, I have summarized the four ways to open the run command, all placed below, we hurry to look at it.

Computer command line window how to open?

Method one,

1. On the keyboard at the same time press the Win + R key;

2. Win key is located in the middle of the Ctrl and Alt on the keyboard;

3. Press the combination of the keys can quickly open the Run window.

Method 2,

1. first click on the search icon in the lower left corner of the desktop;

2. in the pop-up search box, type “run”;

3. click on the “run” application can open the run window.

Method three,

1. first click on the desktop in the lower left corner of the Start menu;

2. find “Windows System” and expand;

3. click on the “Run” can open the Run window.

Method 4,

1. Hold down Windows+X or right-click on the “Start” icon in the lower-left corner to bring up the shortcut menu, and click on the “Run” option.

The above is what I brought you the computer command line window how to open the four methods, I hope to help you.

How to open a command line window on your computer

You can start by clicking the Start button in the lower left corner of your computer and selecting Run. Then type CMD in the Run dialog box that appears and click OK or Run button to open the computer’s DOS window. The specific opening method is as follows:

Device: Lenovo Xiaoxin padPro 11.5-inch computer;

Operating system: win10 professional.

1, use the right mouse button to click the start button on the bottom left corner of the computer.

2. Select Run from the options that appear.

3. Type CMD in the Run dialog box that pops up and click the OK button.

4, at this point you can see that the DOS window has been opened on the computer.

How to open the computer command window

Computer command window to open the method is as follows:

1, click on their computer in the start menu, find run in the menu

2, click on the run menu to enter the computer’s run command window, in the run window in the input box, you can type in the name of the application or the application of the filename input is completed by clicking on the computer to determine that the computer will automatically find the current path environment related to the execution of the application. The computer will automatically find the current computer path environment related to the implementation of the application, the premise is to enter the application name must be fruitful.

3, in the run window of the input box type CMD and then in the lower left corner of the window there is an OK button mouse click it can open the window of a command window. Of course, after entering CMD, press the Enter key on the keyboard can also open the command window.

4, into the command if the command does not understand the words available help command to show all the commands

Computer (computer, also known as computer) is a kind of high-speed calculations for the electronic computer, known as the “20th century, one of the most advanced scientific and technological inventions”. The computer consists of a hardware system and a software system, with numerical calculations, logical calculations and memory storage and other functions. Its application field has expanded from the initial military research application to various fields of society, and has led to the global technological progress. The software system includes: operating system, application software and so on. Hardware system includes: chassis (power supply, hard disk, disk, memory, motherboard, CPU-central processing unit, CPU fan, CD-ROM drive, sound card, network card, graphics card), monitor, UPS (uninterruptible power supply system), keyboard, mouse and so on (can also be equipped with headphones, microphones, speakers, printers, cameras, etc.).

Where to find the computer running?

Where to find PC Start Run

Windows 7 in the security of a certain improvement, in order to prevent the lack of knowledge of newcomers to the wrong operation caused by the WIN7 default is not visible in the Start menu to run, then how to use the run function?

Method one: “Start” – “All Programs” – “Accessories” – “Command Prompt” (this function is basically the same as the function of the run)

Method 2: Right-click on the “Start Menu” – “Properties” – “Start Menu “tab -” Customize “- drag the slider to the end to find” Run command “, in front of the check mark, “OK” to exit, and then open the “Start Menu” in the right to see “Run … “.

Method three: shortcut keys, at the same time press the keyboard “Win” (space bar next to the Windows logo that) and the letter “R” key

Method four: “Start” and type “Run” in the search bar and the system will find it for you.

What if I don’t have “Run” in my computer’s Start menu? Where can I find it?

winver———Check windows version

wmimgmt.msc—-Open windows management architecture (wmi)

wupdmgr——–windows update program


wscript——–windows script host settings

write———-writing pad

winmsd———system information

wiaacmgr——- Scanner and Camera Wizard

winchat——–xp comes with LAN chat

mem.exe——– displays memory usage

msconfig.exe—system configuration utility



mstsc———-remote desktop connection

mplayer2- —— media player

magnify——– magnifying glass utility

mmc———— opens the console

mobsync——– synchronization command

dxdiag———Check directx information

drwtsn32——System Doctor

devmgmt.msc—Device Manager

dfrg.msc——-Disk Defragmenter

diskmgmt.msc—Disk Management Utility

dfg——-Open System Component Services

ddeshare——-Open dde share settings

dvdplay—- —-dvd player

netstopmessenger—– stops messenger service

netstartmessenger—- starts messenger service

notepad——– opens notepad

nslookup——-Tool wizard for network management

ntbackup——-System backup and restore

narrator——-Screen “narrator”

ntm***gr.msc—- Mobile Storage Manager

ntmsoprq.msc – Mobile Storage Manager Operation Request

netstat-an—-(tc) Command Check Interface

syncapp——–creates a briefcase

sysedit——–system configuration editor

sigverif——-file signature verification program


shrpubw——–create shared folder

secpol.msc—–local security policy

syskey———system encryption, once encrypted can not be unencrypted, double password to protect windows xp system

services.msc—local service settings

sndvol32——- volume control program

sfc.exe——– system file checker

sfc/ scannow—windows file protection

tsshutdn——-60 second countdown shutdown command

tourstart——xp profile (the roaming xp program that appears after the installation is complete)

taskmgr ——– task manager

eventvwr——- event viewer

eudcedit——- word builder

explorer——- opens up resources …… >>

Laptop where to find: Start – Run

You can solve the problem by the following methods:

1, click on the bottom left corner of the “Microsoft icon” in the text box that appears The text box appears, type in cmd to run it.

Where are the settings in the computer start menu?

Dan 1. Right-click on the blank space in the taskbar below and select Properties.

2. In the Properties settings window that pops up, switch to the Start Menu section, then find Privacy below.

3. windows system default privacy settings here are two are selected, you need to remove the box in front of the two hooks, then click on the bottom of the OK.

4. After exiting the window, we can find their usual applications often used, and hope that the program will be displayed in the menu Quick Launch bar on the direct right-click on the program icon, select “Attach to the Start Menu” can be.

On the other hand, if you don’t like an existing program in the Start menu, right-click on it and select Delete from list to make room for it.

How do I find the Run function on my laptop?

There is a shortcut for this. Press and hold the key with the WINDOWS icon in the lower left corner of the keyboard, and press the R key on the keyboard at the same time to bring up the Run window.

Original answer.

Where do you find runtime software for desktop computers?

If you have installed the protection software (such as 360, computer management, etc.) there is a software housekeeper you choose to click on the installation can be very smart. If not you open Baidu enter the name of the software and then Baidu, manually download and install it. If you don’t have a network, you can buy a CD-ROM and install it.

Where do I open the System Run dialog box on my computer?

Open the menu bar to find the option to run, as follows:

Click in to appear in the run window, as follows:

Click on the computer start button, I can not find the “run” how to do

The method of invoking the run:

The way to run:

< p>I, XP system: point start, all programs, point run.

Two, WIN7 system: point Start, all programs, point Run.

Three, WIN8 system: mouse to the bottom left corner of the screen, and then click the right mouse button, in the pop-up menu, select “Run”.

Four, shortcut (for all operating systems): keyboard WIN icon key + R

How to see the location of the computer is running programs?

Start-Run-Input regedit, and then press ctrl + f, search for the file you want to delete, the search for the item to check off on it,

Why can’t the laptop find where to run after pointing to start

Shortcut WIn + R, or you can right-click on the taskbar – Properties -Start Menu-Customize-Check the Run command