Where to find the files for the package installer

Where is the specific folder location after installing the apk program under Android system?

Analysis is as follows:

android program installed after the storage of the directory is introduced:

1, android application installation involves the following directories

① system/app this system comes with the application, can not be deleted

②data/app user program installation directory, there are delete privileges.

③data/data stores application data

④Data/dalvik-cache installs the dex file in the apk into the dalvik-cache directory

2, the installation process is introduced:

Copy the APK installer to the directory of the data/app, unzip the package, and scan the dex file. installer, save the dex file (Dalvik bytecode) to the dalvik-cache directory, and create the corresponding application data directory under the data/data directory.

3. Uninstallation process introduction:

Uninstallation process: delete files and directories created in the above three directories during the installation process.

Extended Information

System Runtime Libraries

Android contains a number of C/C++ libraries that can be used by different components in the Android system. They are available to developers through the Android Application Framework. The following are some of the core libraries:

System C library – A standard C system function library Libc) inherited from BSD, which is customized for Embeddedlinux-based devices.

Media library – based on PacketVideoOpenCORE; the library supports a variety of commonly used audio and video formats playback and recording, as well as support for still image files. Encoding formats include MPEG4,H.264,MP3,AAC,AMR,JPG,PNG.

SurfaceManager-Manages the display subsystem and provides seamless integration of 2D and 3D layers for multiple applications.

LibWebCore – A state-of-the-art web browser engine with support for the Android browser and an embeddable web view.

Reference: Baidu Encyclopedia-Android