Where to look for network adapter driver locations

How do I find out where the drivers are installed on my computer?

The detailed steps to find out where the drivers for your computer are installed are as follows.

1, right-click “Computer”, select “Properties”.

2, select “Device Manager” and click on the corresponding driver device, such as checking the location of the network card driver on the “network adapter” option.

3. Right-click on the adapter to enter the “Properties” page.

4, click on the driver tab, open is the driver location.

Expanded information:

Driver generally refers to the device driver (DeviceDriver), is a special program that allows the computer and the device to communicate. Equivalent to the hardware interface, the operating system only through this interface, in order to control the work of hardware devices, if a device driver is not properly installed, it will not work properly.

Therefore, the driver is compared to the “soul of the hardware”, “the master of the hardware”, and “the bridge between the hardware and the system”.

Where are the network card drivers for your computer

Question 1: Where are the network card drivers for your computer?1. Right-click on the computer—Manage—Device Management

2. Click on Network Adapters, which shows all the network adapters for the current computer.

3. Right-click Properties and check the network card driver

Question 2: Where is the network card driver? Where is it stored? The default one? I’ve already changed my NIC and the problem is still there, so it’s not the NIC

Go to my computer on the desktop-right-click Properties-Hardware-Device Manager-and see if there’s a yellow exclamation mark on the NIC. If there is, it could be that your NIC driver is still not installed properly, looking at the situation you provided above, the NIC driver should be fine.


1. change the slot of the NIC

2. go back to the desktop network neighborhood-right-click-properties-disable all the links that are not useful

3. if none of the above can work, My Computer -Right-click-Properties-Hardware-Device Manager-Uninstall the NIC driver and restart the computer, the computer will automatically find the NIC and install its driver, see if it works.

4. If all the above do not work, then check the poison, see if it is poisoned.


Question 3: How do I check if my computer’s network card driver is there? In the desktop of my computer right click – Management – Device Manager, and then in the list on the right, find the network adapter item, click, expand the network adapter, if there is a network card underneath, and there is no question mark or exclamation point, it means that the driver is installed

Additionally, in the desktop of the online neighborhood right click – Properties, open the if there is a local connection, in general, also indicates that the driver is installed

This is the first time that I’ve seen a network card driver in my computer. The NIC driver is installed

Question 4: Where to open the NIC driver is not required to install the NIC driver, generally in the system installation process will automatically be installed, if you do need to install their own words can be, there are two ways, one is to enter the control panel in the device manager, find the network device to choose to install the other direct double-click to install, as you say, which open, I can not figure out how to open the NIC driver. The problem itself is not described in detail

Question 5: Where can I find the updated NIC driver on my computer? !!!!!!!!!! Right click on Computer – Properties – Device Manager – click on Network Adapters – double click on the expanded NIC code – click on the Driver tab – click on the Driver details button

Question 6: Where is the NIC on a desktop computer? This motherboard expansion slot did not insert a separate NIC;

This motherboard’s NIC may be the motherboard ‘integrated’ NIC, its location there: you can follow the insertion of the network cable crystal head socket ‘along the way to the melon ……

What is the purpose of finding it? The hardware doesn’t look like much, those numbers are specialized …… As long as it works well, you can decipher it with ‘LU Master’ after surfing the net…

Question 7: The path to that folder where the computer’s NIC driver is stored in the C drive


The folder is the driver folder for all the system’s hardware.

Example: When unplugging a USB device, the system will automatically call the driver from this folder. If it matches, the driver is installed successfully and the USB flash drive can be used normally. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to download the driver from a CD-ROM or the Internet to install it.

Question 8: Where can I find the driver for my computer’s NIC? The driver has been installed, but there is a problem with the NIC. If it is an external NIC, please dial it out and use an eraser to wipe the gold finger, wipe the dust clean, or install it in a different slot, and if it is a built-in NIC, then you can only buy another NIC to plug it in, and now the new NIC is only about 20 yuan.

Please adopt

Question 9: Where are the drivers in your computer? The driver files are scattered and installed in multiple related directories under the system folder

It is not recommended to backup these files manually

Please use the tool

Driver Backup Tool 3.0

The Driver Backup Tool is a tool to backup the driver files in the system folder and to backup the driver files in the system folder. onlinedown/soft/3455

Win10 system how to view the network adapter driver file details

When we installed the Win10 system, in order to normalize the Internet, we need to set up the network, then you need to operate through the network adapter, however, many users do not know how to view the network adapter driver file details, in fact, the method is very simple, the specific steps are as follows.

1, in the [this computer] on the right click, and then click [Properties], click [Device Manager];

2, this time into the device manager interface;

3, click to expand the [network adapter], and then right-click on the specific network adapter, and then select [Properties];

4, in the Properties interface, click [Drivers];

5, click [Driver Details];

6, at this time you can view the driver details of the network adapter.

On the win10 system how to view the network adapter driver file details are introduced to you this way, I hope it can help you.

NIC driver where to see

Many of the partners in the computer after the installation of the NIC driver do not know where to view, today we bring you the NIC driver to view the location of the details, there is a need to view the partners quickly learn how to see it.

[Installation operation problem summary] [Installation does not]

Where to look at the NIC driver

1, right-click on the desktop of this computer, and then click on “Properties”.

2. After entering the properties, click on “Device Manager” in the left taskbar.

3, enter the device manager and click on the bottom of the “network adapter”.

4, into the network adapter can see the network card driver.