word form can not adjust the size

word form can not be freely resized

The method of adjusting the size of the form in Word is as follows:

Operating environment: lenovo12.0.2, windows12.0.1, word10.0.1.

1, there are several ways to operate.

2, you can follow the adjustment of height and width.

3, select “Form Tools” under the “Auto-Adjustment”, this can be based on the contents of the form to automatically adjust the cell.

4, there is a way to right-click and select the form properties, adjust the “rows” and “columns” to change the size of the form.

5, adjusted.

What are the reasons why the table in WORD cannot be changed in size?

1.Copy the table data in excel.

2. Paste the form data in word. Because the form data is too much, resulting in copying the form after the elongation, paging, and not right-aligned, seriously affecting the beauty.

3. Select the form, right-click, Auto-Adjust → adjust the form according to the window.

4. Adjusted form content all on the same page, and right-aligned, much more beautiful than the original.

word why point according to the window to adjust the size of the table does not work?

1, that may be “paragraph” – “spacing and indentation” of these two items – check the box If the definition of the grid document ……” this item, it may also be “line spacing” is greater than “single-spaced”.

You just need to check “Spacing and Indentation” as a null value, and then set “Line Spacing” to “Single Spaced” and then come back to adjust it.

2, if you are not afraid of trouble, you can also directly select the form – point “Clear Format” – all the formatting is cleared, and then reset the appropriate formatting content.