word form manipulation questions and answers

An urgent request for offic (word, excel) on-line questions and answers is greatly appreciated!

The first question: open the spreadsheet document KS4-3 to do the following:

I, insert SHEET7 worksheet in the workbook, and move it to the sample 3 worksheet after the SHEET1 worksheet renamed “trade statistics”

II, open the worksheet “Trade Statistics” in accordance with the sample 1 to complete the following operations:

1, will be set to the title line A1: G1 region: merged centered, vertically centered, the font for the Simplified Song Dynasty, font size of 20.

2, will be the header of the table font bold; will be the form of the first bold columns; will be the form of the value of the region of data set to currency style, no decimal places. Add a light gray background and white font to the whole table.

3. Add a border to the table.

Three, open the worksheet SHEET2 in accordance with the sample 2 to complete the following operations:

1, the use of SHEET2 worksheet data to the category as a column field, from January to June for the summation of the item, from the SHEET2 worksheet at cell B15 to establish a pivot table.

2, the use of conditional formatting will be in the pivot table from January to June between 3000 and 5000 of the trade volume of the various industries set to red underline the data.

Three, according to the sample 3 to complete the following operations, using the corresponding data in the SHEET3 table, create a composite pie chart in the SHEET3 worksheet to show the percentage.

four, protect the worksheet SHEET3 work, the password is “giks4-3”.

Open the spreadsheet document KS4-8 for the following operations:

One, open the worksheet SHEET1 in accordance with the sample 1 to complete the following operations:

1, SHEET1 worksheet in the 8th line below the insertion of an empty line and type “006, Lu Xun, male, 52, 99, junior (2) class math “content; Sheet1 worksheet renamed “roster”.

2, the table will be the title of the region B2: H2 merger centered; set the title line height of 30, set the table title for bold, font size of 24, and add a yellow underline.

3, the table will be set to the head of the text in imitation Song font, font size of 18, centered, bold, and add a light green underline. The table will be “gender”, “age” and “assessment results” in the three columns of the data set to center format.

Two, open the worksheet SHEET2 in accordance with the sample 2 to complete the following operations:

1, in the SHEET2 worksheet, filter out the “gender” for the “female”, “evaluation of teaching performance “greater than 80 points of all records.

2, the use of worksheet SHEET2 table in the contents of the “gender” as a categorical summary field, age as a summary item, the average of the categorical summary.

Three, in accordance with the sample 3 to complete the following operations to SHEET3 table of the corresponding data in SHEET3 worksheet to create a filled radar chart.

D. Protect the contents and objects in the SHEET2 worksheet with the password “giks4-8”.

WORD questions on the machine for the answer

1, the cursor is positioned to the last cell, press TAB, you can quickly add a line in the cell type “lunch break”, select the cell, format – border and background, in the pop-up dialog box to modify the background to red and border.

2, I do not know how many columns of your form, so I assume that there are 4 columns.

The cursor falls in the last column of any cell, form – Insert – Columns (columns on the right), in the top cell, enter “average score”, position the cursor to the “average score” in the cell below, form – Formula. In the pop-up dialog box, enter = average (b2: d2), click OK.

The following sequential input formula.

Forms – sorting, the main keyword selection “average grade” can be.