word table display column content across pages

word how to display the contents of the table columns across the page

1, the mouse click on the form of any position, the cursor will be positioned in the form, and then click the right mouse button, in the pop-up right-click menu, select “Form Properties”.

2, in the pop-up “Form Properties” dialog box “Form” tab, the “text around” set to “no”. “None”, and then click “OK” can be.

3, back to the Word document, you can see that the table has now been divided into two pages show that the problem is solved.

On the problem of displaying the contents of WORD tables across pages

Some tables are very large, too large to fit on one page, and require two or even more pages. Users can take the method of manual page splitting, that is, to insert a form within each page, and then set up a separate form within each page. Although this method can also meet the requirements, but more trouble, rather than using Word’s form of automatic page break function.

First, the form of the header across the page

Forms in the split page, there are two options, one is the header only in the first page display, not in other pages show that this type of form just according to the normal form across the page can be, do not need a special layout, but the appearance of this form is not very beautiful. Another is the table header both in the home page display, but also in other pages of the form in the form of table headers.

For only the first page to show the header of the case, the user only needs to insert the form in Word can be, if the form is too large, a page can not be loaded, it will automatically be arranged to the next page. If you need to display the table header in each page of the table, you need to operate as follows:

Select the header, if the header is only one line, then just position the cursor insertion point to the location of the first line, if there are more than one line, you must select more than one line.

In the “Form Tools/Layout” ribbon, click the “Properties” button to open the “Form Properties” dialog box.

In the “Form Properties” dialog box, click the “Row” tab to enter the row settings.

Check the “repeated at the top of each page in the form of headings” option, as shown below. Click the “OK” button.

Second, to prevent the form across the page break

Across the page break, is the last line of the page in the content of the page more than the length of the text page, will be on the next page in the form of another line, which may lead to the content of the form is split to a different page, which affects the effectiveness of reading the document. So you can use the following operation to prevent a form from breaking across pages:

Select the form you want to process.

In the “Form Tools/Layout” ribbon, click “Properties” button to open the “Form Properties” dialog box.

In the “Table Properties” dialog box, click the “Rows” tab, into the settings.

Cancel the “Allow line breaks across the page” option. Click the “OK” button.